Music Instrument Lessons Instructional DVD Videos

Learn to play a musical instrument. Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced. Accordion, autoharp, banjo, clarinet, dobro, drums and percussion instruments, dulcimer, fiddle and violin, flute, harmonica, keyboards and piano, mandolin, studio recording and mixing, saxophone, steel guitar, trumpet, ukulele, singing and vocals lessons.
12 string guitar, acoustic guitar, beginner guitar, bluegrass guitar, blues guitar, classical guitar, country guitar, guitar effects, electric bass guitar, flamenco guitar, jazz guitar, lead and solo guitar, guitar maintenance, rock guitar, rockabilly guitar, rhythm guitar, guitar scales and modes, slide guitar, upright slap bass guitar.

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    Instructional DVD Videos

    Learn new skills and benefit from the costs savings of learning in the privacy of your own home, at your own pace.

    It's practical to learn at home because it saves you money by having lessons at an affordable rate.

    Nothing takes the place of lessons taught in person by an experienced teacher, but instructional videos allow you to test how you feel about learning something new before incurring the expense of formal training.

    Even if you are now taking formal lessons from an instructor, using instructional videos at home can help you learn faster and accelerate the achievement of your artistic or physical goals.