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Stability Ball Exercise DVD
Learn to dance at home using instructional videos. Dancing for beginner through advanced, easy to learn popular and classic dance moves for home or club.
Somebody just gave me a shower radio. Thanks a lot. Do you really want music in the shower? I guess there's no better place to dance than a slick surface next to a glass door.-Jerry Seinfeld
Stability Ball Exercise DVD

You must do the things you think you cannot do.-Eleanor Roosevelt
Stability Ball Exercise DVD

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ABC Workout Ball Choreography

E017 Fitness Ball Instruction DVD - Fitness-Stability Ball Instruction DVD - Health Magazines Excellence In Fitness Award-winner. - This stability ball workout will put a smile on your face and the fun Factor in your training. - Bounce back to being a kid again?learning your ABCs was never this easy and so exhilarating... - My Mom always told me to go outside and play. ... Well, I invite you to come inside and play. - Are you ready to roll...lets...

You Can Do Abs

E017 Fitness Ball Instruction DVD - Fitness-Stability Ball Instruction DVD - In this series, Leslie shows that you can do the latest fitness programs, offering a fun and fast way to get up to speed on current health, wellness, and fitness programs...without overwhelming you. - Leslie teaches you the most effective ways to use your stability ball, plus three different workouts that will add variety and results. - By using this video 2-3 times...

On the Ball Pilates Beginners

E017 Fitness Ball Instruction DVD - Fitness-Stability Ball Instruction DVD - Lengthen, strengthen and tone with this unique and effective approach to transforming your body. - Why has Pilates become so popular? Because it works. - Instructor Lizbeth Garcia fuses Pilates with the stability ball to give you a practice that you can enjoy for life. - All you need is your ball. - Working with the combination of Pilates and the stability ball allows...

Pilates Core Barre 1

D008 Dance Fitness Workout DVD - Combine the fluid, flowing movements of dance with the biomechanical principles of STOTT PILATES to help tone, lengthen and strengthen your entire body. This DVD guides you through a number of exercises that incorporates the Core Stability Barre and other familiar props like the Foam Roller, Mini Stability Ball and Toning Balls for maximum variety and fun. This ballet inspired workout brings elements of grace and strength...

All About Abs

E012 Tone Firm Instruction DVD - Tone and Firm Exercise-Workout Instruction DVD - This is abdominal training at it's best. - All About Abs gives you four complete workouts training your core like never before. - Using the medicine ball, stability ball, body weight, or unique gliding technique you will be able to pick and choose just the right workout for you. - Variety is the key to training the abs and variety is what you get with All About Abs....

All About Legs

E012 Tone Firm Instruction DVD - Tone and Firm Exercise-Workout Instruction DVD - This is leg and bun training at it's best. - All About Legs gives you four complete workouts training your lower half like never before. - Using the medicine ball, stability ball, tubing, or unique gliding technique you will be able to pick and choose just the right workout for you. - Variety is the key to training the legs and buns and variety is what you get with...

On The Ball Abs Workout

E017 Fitness Ball Instruction DVD - Fitness-Stability Ball Instruction DVD - Strong sleek sexy abs. - Buns of Steel Instructor Leisa Hart guides you through a series of innovative abdominal toning exercises. - Leisa will show you how to work every muscle that wraps around your middle for strong, sleek, sexy abs and a trim waistline. - Get better results in less time. - The stability ball allows you to challenge your abs to their fullest range...

Firm Flat Abs Fast

E012 Tone Firm Instruction DVD - Tone and Firm Exercise-Workout Instruction DVD - Get the abs of your dreams with SELF Firm Flat Abs Fast. - Combining elements from Yoga, Pilates, stability ball with traditional resistance training and cardio to burn fat, you will sculpt the abs you always wanted quickly and easily. - 25 mins. (2005) DVD All Region -

High Step Circuit

E018 Step Aerobics Instruction DVD - Step Aerobics Exercise-Workout Instruction DVD - With Cathe Friedrich. - Includes Cathes High Step Circuit Workout - Beginner-Intermediate and a 10 min. Stability Ball Abs routine. - This 50 to 60 minute fitness conditioning circuit will burn fat and shape and tone your body from head to toe. - Upon completing the warm up, you will go into 6 fitness cycles. - Each fitness cycle consists of the following -...

Cycle Challenge Robert Sherman

E003 Indoor Cycling Instruction DVD - Indoor Cycling Training. Robert Sherman is president and owner of F.I.T., Inc., a corporation focusing on Cycle Reebok, personal and athletic training, F.I.T., Inc. He is also a program developer for Cycle Reebok and a Master Trainer for Reebok International Ltd. - Robert has put together the ultimate spinning challenge. He has designed the DVD so that you get a spinning workout (the ride consists of many speed...

Abs and Stretch

E010 Stretching Warmup Instruction DVD - Stretching-Warmup Instruction DVD - In this workout you are getting four different 15-minute segments. - Two are dedicated to the abdominals and two are dedicated to increasing flexibility through floor stretches. - Amy encourages you to mix and match as you feel appropriate - add some extra abs after one of her other workouts for a powerful gut-buster. The choice is yours. - Amy's exercises are easy to...

A Team Boot Camp

E001 Aerobics Instruction DVD - Aerobic Fitness and Workout Instruction DVD - Its drill day for all sports conditioning extremists out there. - Look out, here comes the ultimate challenge. - Amy applies her two-minute drill method to this workout where she is kicking butt and taking names. - This workout includes six intensity drills that include cardio, upper body, lower body, abdominal, and anaerobic exercises that will shock your body into submission....

Cardio Pump Hi-Lo

E001 Aerobics Instruction DVD - Aerobic Fitness and Workout Instruction DVD - This is one of Amys favorites. - If you are ready to move it, weve got your workout right here. - Make some space people...Amy will have you flying around the room like never before. This train of NRG comes through the station without stopping. - Calories are burning at a high rate and then suddenly, a plyometric move is introduced, bringing cardiovascular-anaerobic training...

Low Impact Step Body Sculpting

E018 Step Aerobics Instruction DVD - Step Aerobics Exercise-Workout Instruction DVD - Low Impact Step - This 40 minute, beginner to intermediate, low impact step routine is fun and easy to follow. - TYoull burn fat, calories, and shape your buns and thighs while doing intense low impact step choreography mixed with challenging low impact blasts. - For best results, it is recommended that you do the workout three times per week as well as watch the...

Tap Dance Made Easy 1

D027 Tap Tapping Dance Lessons DVD - Tap Tapping Dancing Instruction. With this video, it was my goal to not forget what it was like to be an absolute beginner in learning tap, and make the instruction as clear as possible, while still moving at a pace fast enough to keep the user engaged and challenged. Each step is meticulously broken down and explained the process of creating the sounds, with an emphasis on correct body placement and accurate rhythm....

Chi Kung Two Standing Meditations

E011 Tai Chi Instruction DVD - TaiChi Lessons. The Zen-like discipline of chi kung can help enhance energy levels, increase physical fitness, and expand the mind. - Sometimes known as qigong, there are many different types of chi kung undertaken all over the world. - One of the miraculous benefits of practicing this ancient art is that it has been known to help asthma and diabetes sufferers. - Here, one of Americas leading chi kung practitioners,...

Dance Through Time VI

D024 Social Dance Lessons DVD - Social Dancing Instruction. How to Dance Through Time Vol VI A 19th Century Ball The Charm of Group Dances. Learn to dance A 19th Century Ball: The Charm of Group Dances, which reveals the interplay of the flirtatious group dances in the ballroom. The Grand March is the elegant ceremonial opening to the Ball, where all the participants view their perspective dance partners for the evening. The popular Lancers Quadrille...

Tango With Federico

D002 Ballroom Dance Lessons DVD - Ballroom Latin Dancing Instruction. Federico's style is the antithesis of ball room dancing. His instructional DVDs are to teach tango as true lead-follow dancing as contrasted to choreographed, ball room style. Yes, this includes building blocks of steps, but no, he does not teach routines. Following his style of teaching, couples whom prior had never danced together would look like old partners on the dance floor....

Kick Butt Boot Camp

E006 Kick Boxing Instruction DVD - Kickboxing Exercise-Workout Instruction DVD - This workout is a sweatfest sure to please the diehard in all of us. - This DVD offers three workouts in one - Boot Camp total body training using only the medicine ball, Boot Camp cardio intervals on the step, and Kickbox Boot Camp led by Mindys kickbox buddy Dave Dixon Jr. - Each 20-30 minute workout showcases true bootcamp style that challenges and trains every muscle...

Pilates Technique Neck Back

E007 Pilates Instruction DVD - Pilates Instruction DVD - This DVD contains a full Pre-Pilates section, as well as three complete Classical Pilates modified mat levels to help facilitate safety and stability of the neck and back while you enjoy your refreshing workouts. - Another goal of this program is to help you safely increase strength, stamina, coordination and flexibility for the entire body. - 110 mins. (2006) DVD-All-Region -

Total Body Stretching

E010 Stretching Warmup Instruction DVD - Stretching Warmup Exercises. Enjoy three basic, easy to follow, beginner to intermediate, stretch segments that engage all the major muscles in the body. - Each 13 minute workout will not only help increase your flexibility, but will also help improve posture and reduce muscle tension. - A stability ball will be used in two of the three workouts to give your muscles an added flexibility challenge. - It is...

Active Isolated Flexibility

E010 Stretching Warmup Instruction DVD - Stretching Warmup Exercises. Active-Isolated Flexibility is a technique of stretching in which we pinpoint, isolate and stretch each individual muscle used to perform to your highest potential. - Join internationally renowned Director, Choreographer and Master Teacher, Michelle Assaf, as she takes you through a series of stretches that will reduce your workload by removing tightness so you can swing your limbs...


Lucille Ball (Actor), Beatrice Arthur (Actor), Gene Saks (Director) - Mame - Broadway Musicals DVD - 2 discs. Lucille Ball plays Auntie mame, loving life and living it to the hilt with her nephew and assorted eccentrics in tow. Robert Preston, Beatrice Arthur and Jerry Herman's smashing Broadway score add pizazz. Year: 1974 Director: Gene Saks Starring: Lucille Ball. Robert Preston, Bea Arthur. The supporting cast are outstanding. Bea Arthur is THE...

Complete Cardio Step

E018 Step Aerobics Instruction DVD - Step Aerobics Exercise-Workout Instruction DVD - A complete step workout plus core conditioning. Ann Marie will start you with a warm-up (8 min.), move you into Jammin 32's creative 32 count combinations linked together for a complete step workout (42 min.), Cool-down (6 min.), and Core conditioning using the Resist-A-Ball and stretch (9 min.) - The DVD has multiple options for different length of workouts for...

Golf How to Break Par

S007 Golf Training DVD - Golf Instructional DVD - Join AJ Bonar as he covers the essential shots that you will need to improve your golf game and finally break par. - He shares many important swing concepts and tips that will help golfers of all skill levels. - Among the topics covered are how to master the driver and put the ball in the fairway, a variety of short pitch shots near the green that will enable you to consistently save par, longer...

Cycle All Terrain

E003 Indoor Cycling Instruction DVD - Indoor Cycling Training. Cycle All Terrain will give you the feel of an actual outdoor bicycle ride while indoors. - The workout is designed for all levels - Beginning Ride - 14 mins; - Intermediate Ride - 28 mins; - Advanced Ride - 40 mins; - Long Advanced Ride - 58 mins. - Brooke Hayward is the director of Spinning for Club LaMaison Health and Fitness in Wayne, PA. With over 15 years in fitness, shes ACE,...

Chubby Hubby Better Husband

E001 Aerobics Instruction DVD - Aerobic Fitness and Workout Instruction DVD - If your husband is like mine, over the years he's exercising less and maybe gained some weight. - My husband hates to go to the gym and the thought of working out to my female-oriented workout videos is a big turn-off. - That's why I developed the Chubby Hubby Workout. - This DVD is designed specifically for the older guy who hasn't worked out in a while, to help ease...

Lenny Wilkins Basics

S001 Basketball Training DVD - Basketball Instructional DVD. Get in the game with Lenny Wilkens enhanced edition DVD of his classic basketball clinic series. - Lenny and Dick Helm show you all you need to know to get your team to the playoffs. - Legendary coach Lenny Wilkens teams up with Dick Helm to lay out the fundamentals of one of Americas most dynamic and challenging sporting events - Basketball. - Wilkens, who holds the title as the most...

Magic fundamentals Advanced

S001 Basketball Training DVD - Basketball Instructional DVD. Magic Johnsons fundamentals of Basketball Advanced is ideal for junior high and high school level players and coaches. - Includes Tons of drills to advance ball handling, passing, and shooting skills; - strategies for getting open on offense, positioning for defense, and playing the post; - learning the Power Offense from legendary high school coach Gary McKnight. - Magic is joined by...

Play Better Baseball

S019 Baseball Training DVD - Baseball Instructional DVD - This program, featuring instruction by former University of Arizona Head Coach Jerry Stitt, provides progressive step-by-step instruction for throwing, fielding and hitting fundamentals. - Part one covers gripping the baseball, throwing progressions, and proper technique and footwork . - It includes some movement and throwing drills which will help players to master this often neglected part...

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Stability Ball Exercise DVD
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