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S005 Fly Fishing Instruction DVD
Learn to dance at home using instructional videos. Dancing for beginner through advanced, easy to learn popular and classic dance moves for home or club.
The brighter you are, the more you have to learn. -Don Herold
S005 Fly Fishing Instruction DVD

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S005 Fly Fishing Instruction DVD

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Bluegrass Banjo By Ear

M003 Banjo Lessons DVD - Banjo Instruction DVD – This lesson in basic music theory will help learning banjo players find melody and harmony notes and fully understand the fingerboard. - Combining this knowledge with basic rolls, harmonized scales, pentatonic runs and licks, and more will allow anyone to develop powerful and creative bluegrass solos by ear. - 60 mins. DVD-All-Region - Banjo Music LessonsBanjo Instruction DVD Volume 2 picks up...

Cardio Camp Workout

E001 Aerobics Instruction DVD - Aerobic Fitness and Workout Instruction DVD - The DVD has multiple options for different length of workouts and for combining both workouts which gives you more options for optimal fitness results. - Warm-up (6 min.) An all new mix of Hi-Low aerobics, Bootcamp and Kickbox choreography for the ultimate challenge (45 min.) - Cool-Down, Butt-Legs and Stretch (15 min.) - Kimberly Spreen is an all-around Fitness Professional,...

Immersion Swimming Happy Laps

E002 Swimming Instruction DVD - Aquatic-Swimming Instruction DVD - Since 1989, Total Immersion has become a phenomenon among improvement-minded swimmers ? the first program in the history of swimming instruction with raving fans. - TI has become so popular because it is simpler than any alternative; it works with unprecedented dependability and it makes swimming enjoyable and deeply satisfying. But the one thing TI has not been is to be available...

Kick Butt Boot Camp

E006 Kick Boxing Instruction DVD - Kickboxing Exercise-Workout Instruction DVD - This workout is a sweatfest sure to please the diehard in all of us. - This DVD offers three workouts in one - Boot Camp total body training using only the medicine ball, Boot Camp cardio intervals on the step, and Kickbox Boot Camp led by Mindys kickbox buddy Dave Dixon Jr. - Each 20-30 minute workout showcases true bootcamp style that challenges and trains every muscle...

Method Jab Kick and Burn

E006 Kick Boxing Instruction DVD - Kickboxing Exercise-Workout Instruction DVD - By combining real Tae Kwon Do and traditional boxing moves with conventional low-impact dance moves, Jab, Kick and Burn delivers a more exciting workout than just kicking at an invisible object. - Its the only kickboxing video with a perfectly woven combination of fat-burning, thigh-trimming, and bun-tightening moves. - Three 15-minute high energy cardio workouts, plus...

Lets Dance Swing

D002 Ballroom Dance Lessons DVD - Ballroom Latin Dancing Instruction. Professional dance instructor John Hill's charm, humor and effortless teaching style will have you up and dancing the Lindy and the Jitterbug quickly, regardless of skill level. Through easy-to-follow instructions, you will learn classic swing dance moves from beginners' steps to elaborate kicks and spins all within the privacy of your own home. This program features over 90 minutes...

Faster Swimmer Breaststroke

E002 Swimming Instruction DVD - Aquatic-Swimming Instruction DVD - In this DVD, five-time Olympic Gold Medalist Tom Jager details the essential aspects of the breaststroke technique. - Jager teaches a young swim team the techniques, training methods, and drills needed to become a faster competitive swimmer. - The topics covered in this program include streamlining, body-positioning, kicking techniques, head position, recovery technique, developmental...

Move Those Joints

E009 Recovery Rehabilitation Instruction DVD - Recovery-Rehabilitation Instruction DVD - This video is for people of all ages who suffer from arthritis. - This therapeutic exercise program will help you manage your arthritis by increasing flexibility in your joints and strengthening surrounding muscles. - All movements are doctor recommended and approved (though you should always check with your personal physician before starting any new fitness...

Hit the Spot Pilates

E007 Pilates Instruction DVD - Pilates Instruction DVD - In Hit the Spot Pilates, Denise Austin, Americas favorite fitness expert, has designed a series of workouts that lets you target specific areas of your body, all with a Pilates twist. - Now you can do these body-slimming exercises - geared for all ages and fitness levels - at home using Pilates to trim, shape and tone the areas of your body that need it the most. - Denises program allows you...

Clogging Routines Classics 1

D006 Clogging Dance Lessons DVD - Clog Dancing Instruction. 2 hours of instruction. Complete breakdown and sequencing of six choreographed clogging routines. Music-routines included are: Reach (Advanced); High Cotton (Easy); Ragtime Annie (Intermediate); Back Down In Louisiana (Easy); Ida Red (Intermediate Plus); and Yippi Ti Ii Yo (Intermediate). Steve Smith is well-known for his teaching style which makes learning from him easy and fun. He is able...

Ballet 201 Beyond the Basics

D001 Ballet Class Lessons DVD - Ballet Dancing Instruction. Ballet 201, Beyond the Basics is an informative class that picks up right where Ballet 101, A Beginner's Class leaves off. Adults and children, who already know the basics of ballet, start with stretching and warm-up. They are then guided through a quick review of the barre basics, and lead right into the instruction and demonstration of more advanced moves off of the barre. The instruction...

Mix It Up Kickbox Workout

E006 Kick Boxing Instruction DVD - Kickboxing Exercise-Workout Instruction DVD - Get ready to Mix It Up as Nekea takes you through an advanced step workout and a kickbox interval training workout. - The stepping choreography is complex with easy transitions and great cueing. - The kickbox intervals are fun and challenging because it combines punching and kicking combinations with weights. - The workouts end with a tai-chi cooldown and abs. - Do...

A Team Boot Camp

E001 Aerobics Instruction DVD - Aerobic Fitness and Workout Instruction DVD - Its drill day for all sports conditioning extremists out there. - Look out, here comes the ultimate challenge. - Amy applies her two-minute drill method to this workout where she is kicking butt and taking names. - This workout includes six intensity drills that include cardio, upper body, lower body, abdominal, and anaerobic exercises that will shock your body into submission....

Hoofin Tap Dance

D027 Tap Tapping Dance Lessons DVD - Tap Tapping Dancing Instruction. He seems to have taken the best from Broadway style, hoofing, and competition tap dancing all on one video. ...he charms audience members of all sorts with his athletic dancing and easy going manner. All you ever wanted to know and more about tap with irrepressible host Mike Minery, a personable dancin' machine. Experience the precision and pizzazz of Mike Minery from NYC as he...

Hardcore Kickbox Circuit

E006 Kick Boxing Instruction DVD - Kickboxing Exercise-Workout Instruction DVD - Instructors Janis Saffell and Guillermo Gomez will take you through this calorie burning cardio workout with unique upper and lower body sculpting combinations in this advanced Hardcore Kickbox Circuit. - Let the martial attitude take over and develop an effective understanding of body movement and muscle tone. - Grab your handgrips and dumbbells for this killer kickbox...

Totally Hot Cardio

E001 Aerobics Instruction DVD - Aerobic Fitness and Workout Instruction DVD - Here comes 48 minutes of sizzling Hot Cardio, beginning with Christis Incredible Invisible Warm-up. - This invisible warm-up concept allows you to enjoy incredible cardiovascular training right from minute one. - It works by incorporating vital warm-up movements placed ingenuously within the first 5 minutes, while at the same time elevating the heart rate quickly for maximum...

Biggest Winner Cardio KickBox

E006 Kick Boxing Instruction DVD - Kickboxing Exercise-Workout Instruction DVD - Cardio Kickbox is a high-energy aerobic workout designed to keep you moving and boost your fat-burning capabilities, while at the same time, giving your muscles a day off from weight-training. - Jillian recommends doing cardio kickbox once a week, in the middle of the week, to break up your regular exercise program. - This program is to get out there and have some fun,...

Romanas Pilates Mat Workout

E007 Pilates Instruction DVD - Pilates Instruction DVD - In Pilates, the 4-inch band incorporating the hips, abdomen and lower back is known as the Powerhouse. - A strong Powerhouse is the key to fitness. Every other muscle group works from it. - Romana's Powerhouse Mat Workout will teach you to control your body with a minimum of motion and maximum effect. - Tighten your abs, firm-up your buttocks, stand straighter, and feel stronger. - Done...

Christi Taylor Stepsational

E018 Step Aerobics Instruction DVD - Step Aerobics Exercise-Workout Instruction DVD - Stepsational is Christis most amazing step choreography ever. - Dancing through extraordinary combinations, Christi leads you over, around, and along every inch of your step. - Just when you thought youd seen it all, Christi steps it up a notch by turning Part 2 of the workout upside-down. - During this innovative segment, all combinations begin and end on top...

Yoga for Stress

E009 Recovery Rehabilitation Instruction DVD - Recovery-Rehabilitation Instruction DVD - Yoga Journal teams with Dr. Baxter Bell to bring you this unique, medically-grounded program to help you become stress hardy. - In this DVD, you'll learn to recognize and modify your body's fight-or-flight response to stress. - You'll also discover how yoga can relieve stress-related problems like muscular tension, headaches, insomnia, depression, and panic...

Walk Away Pounds Miles 3 4

E013 Walking Exercise Instruction DVD - Walking Exercise-Workout Instruction DVD - Get fit fast with Walk Away the Pounds EXPRESS, Leslie's complete, total-body walking program that gives you serious fat burning, muscle conditioning, and stretching ? in TWO powerful, energizing workouts. - These 3 and 4 Mile walking workouts will challenge every major muscle group in your body while burning the maximum amount of calories. - You'll build up energy,...

Learn To Yodel

M017 Vocal Singing Lessons DVD - Vocal Lessons Instructional DVD. This perennial favorite by Cathy Fink and Tod Whittemore, now in CD format, was used by Bette Midler, who learned to yodel for a movie role, as well as by countless others who love the powerful singing styles of the great country and western stars. - These Cds are great for practicing at home, in the car, or on top of a tall mountain. - Two Cds. Includes Music. Level - Sing Music...

ESP Noodle Workout

E002 Swimming Instruction DVD - Aquatic-Swimming Instruction DVD - The E is for endurance, thes is for Strength and the P is for Power. - This fast moving interval-circuit workout includes great choreography for the endurance segments, muscle defining exercises in the strength segments, and forceful, energetic moves for the power sections. - The class format includes cycles of 3 minute moderate intensity cardiovascular routines, followed by 1 minute...

Ultimate Emergency Dance

D010 Disco Dance Lessons DVD - Disco Dancing Instruction. The Ultimate Emergency Dance Lessons DVD brings professional dance instruction into the home, totally de-mystifying it and inspiring confidence. Each dance is separated into a show section - where professional couples perform the dance in formal costume - and a teaching section where, in everyday clothes, they then break the dance down into sections of easy-to-follow steps. The main program...

Tot Tap

D016 Kids Childrens Dance Lessons DVD - Kids Childrens Dancing Instruction. Tot Tap with teacher Rosemary Boross is a fun-filled introduction to the world of tap dance for children. Ok, the video is a bit outdated with quality.. and I would like to see more engaging material at the beginning.. but over all.. it works.. Kids that want to learn tab will be entertained, and learn from this DVD. Also, there are not that many Tap instruction DVDs for kids,...

Pilates for Moms

E007 Pilates Instruction DVD - Pilates Instruction DVD - Three pilates programs demonstrated by real moms offer all youll need for years, including safe exercises for 0-6 weeks post birth and two further programs that progressively build you up to more challenging moves. - Multiple levels taught with careful and sensible modifications. - Learn about recovery from caesarean section plus pelvic floor and abdominal muscle re-education. - The importance...

Gotta Dance Cajun Style

D005 Cajun Zydeco Dance Lessons DVD - Cajun Zydeco Dancing Instruction. This 1 hour and 42 min. video features detailed instruction of the Cajun two-step, Waltz, and jig. Along with the instructor, five dancing couples demonstrate each of the cajun style dances. The instruction takes you from the very basic or novice level through the intermediate-advanced level. Each move is explained very deliberately. The complex moves are illustrated several times...

Romanas Pilates Pilates Mat

E007 Pilates Instruction DVD - Pilates Instruction DVD - There's no better way to get started on Pilates at home than with a 1-on-1 from the grand mistress of the true Pilates method. - Romana's Introduction to Matwork will guide you step-by-step through the basics of Pilates. - You'll discover your Powerhouse and what it means to you overall well-being. - You'll develop a positive mind-set, while stretching and strengthening your muscles. - Romana's...

Straight up Step

E018 Step Aerobics Instruction DVD - Step Aerobics Exercise-Workout Instruction DVD - Seasuns first exercise DVD, Rock Steady Step, received the Best Workout Video for Step Routine from Fitness Magazine - This workout was designed to be both athletically challenging and somewhat dancy...yet easily followed. - Its a non-stop step party thats guaranteed to give you great cardio benefits. - This step workout consists of a fun warm up, three 64 count...

Basic Ballet Movement Skills 1

D001 Ballet Class Lessons DVD - Ballet Dancing Instruction. Finis Jhung shows you-count-by-count- how to do the most frequently used center floor movements that travel forward and sideways. Each movement has four exercises, and each exercise has two parts-the instructions and the demonstration-and is shown moving to both right and left, first slowly, then quickly. In addition, you are given detailed instructions on how to use your arms, shoulders...

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S005 Fly Fishing Instruction DVD
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