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S002 Bowling Instruction DVD
Learn to dance at home using instructional videos. Dancing for beginner through advanced, easy to learn popular and classic dance moves for home or club.
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S002 Bowling Instruction DVD

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S002 Bowling Instruction DVD

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Tot Tap

D016 Kids Childrens Dance Lessons DVD - Kids Childrens Dancing Instruction. Tot Tap with teacher Rosemary Boross is a fun-filled introduction to the world of tap dance for children. Ok, the video is a bit outdated with quality.. and I would like to see more engaging material at the beginning.. but over all.. it works.. Kids that want to learn tab will be entertained, and learn from this DVD. Also, there are not that many Tap instruction DVDs for kids,...

Pilates for Moms

E007 Pilates Instruction DVD - Pilates Instruction DVD - Three pilates programs demonstrated by real moms offer all youll need for years, including safe exercises for 0-6 weeks post birth and two further programs that progressively build you up to more challenging moves. - Multiple levels taught with careful and sensible modifications. - Learn about recovery from caesarean section plus pelvic floor and abdominal muscle re-education. - The importance...

Gotta Dance Cajun Style

D005 Cajun Zydeco Dance Lessons DVD - Cajun Zydeco Dancing Instruction. This 1 hour and 42 min. video features detailed instruction of the Cajun two-step, Waltz, and jig. Along with the instructor, five dancing couples demonstrate each of the cajun style dances. The instruction takes you from the very basic or novice level through the intermediate-advanced level. Each move is explained very deliberately. The complex moves are illustrated several times...

Romanas Pilates Pilates Mat

E007 Pilates Instruction DVD - Pilates Instruction DVD - There's no better way to get started on Pilates at home than with a 1-on-1 from the grand mistress of the true Pilates method. - Romana's Introduction to Matwork will guide you step-by-step through the basics of Pilates. - You'll discover your Powerhouse and what it means to you overall well-being. - You'll develop a positive mind-set, while stretching and strengthening your muscles. - Romana's...

Straight up Step

E018 Step Aerobics Instruction DVD - Step Aerobics Exercise-Workout Instruction DVD - Seasuns first exercise DVD, Rock Steady Step, received the Best Workout Video for Step Routine from Fitness Magazine - This workout was designed to be both athletically challenging and somewhat dancy...yet easily followed. - Its a non-stop step party thats guaranteed to give you great cardio benefits. - This step workout consists of a fun warm up, three 64 count...

Basic Ballet Movement Skills 1

D001 Ballet Class Lessons DVD - Ballet Dancing Instruction. Finis Jhung shows you-count-by-count- how to do the most frequently used center floor movements that travel forward and sideways. Each movement has four exercises, and each exercise has two parts-the instructions and the demonstration-and is shown moving to both right and left, first slowly, then quickly. In addition, you are given detailed instructions on how to use your arms, shoulders...

Cardio Pump Hi-Lo

E001 Aerobics Instruction DVD - Aerobic Fitness and Workout Instruction DVD - This is one of Amys favorites. - If you are ready to move it, weve got your workout right here. - Make some space people...Amy will have you flying around the room like never before. This train of NRG comes through the station without stopping. - Calories are burning at a high rate and then suddenly, a plyometric move is introduced, bringing cardiovascular-anaerobic training...

Romanas Pilates Weight Management

E007 Pilates Instruction DVD - Pilates Instruction DVD - An intense aerobic workout is the key to burning fat and building muscle. - Romana's Optimum Weight Management is designed to help you achieve your ideal weight, while stretching and strengthening your muscles. - Now you don't have to jog or ride a bike before you get to the free weights or machines. - Romana's unique approach accomplishes it all in one workout. Increase your heart rate,...

Get Moving Sugar Solution

E001 Aerobics Instruction DVD - Aerobic Fitness and Workout Instruction DVD - With more than a million books sold, The Sugar Solution has helped thousands of people reduce their risk of heart disease and diabetes and balance their blood sugar. - Now Prevention Fitness Systems' Get Moving DVD will help you do all that, plus burn fat, tone your muscles, and de-stress. - And it's perfect for both beginner and active exercisers. - Get Moving's low-impact...

Walk 30 Minute Walk

E013 Walking Exercise Instruction DVD - Walking Exercise-Workout Instruction DVD - Do you have 30 minutes to spare? Let's get ready for the perfect amount of exercise. - Thats right, my 30-Minute Walk is just that. - This workout is just right to Build endurance; speed metabolism, burn fat; improve overall health. - We'll begin with a gentle warm-up to get your body going. Next, we increase the pace to be sure you are moving briskly enough to burn...

Dance Driven Hip Hop

D004 HipHop Breakdance Lessons DVD - Hip Hop Break Dancing Instruction. Learn the hottest Dance Moves with Dance icon Blake McGrath. Youve seen him share the stage with Britney Spears, Madonna, Mariah Carey, Beyonce and more. Watch the performances, study the styles then master the moves. Heres your chance to learn routines in multiple styles of Hip Hop, jazz, lyrical and latin. Learn at your own pace through our interactive system designed to fit...

Yoga Conditioning Weight Loss

E015 Yoga Instruction DVD - Yoga Instruction DVD - Led by Suzanne Deason, this is a unique program that works regardless of your level of fitness or flexibility. - The workout accommodates all levels of fitness from sedentary to physically active by simultaneously demonstrating four levels of modification. - As your energy and stamina increase, you progress to the next workout level. - While successful dieting can result in short-term weight loss,...

Swing Dancing Intermediate 1

D026 Swing Dance Lessons DVD - Swing Dancing Instruction. Swing Dancing for Intermediate Dancers Volume 1 extends the thorough instruction to all the swing dancers out there who are now comfortable with the basics and ready for some cool new moves. As you've seen in Swing Dancing for Beginners Volumes 1 and 2, each volume is professional, easy to follow, fun, designed with the viewer in mind, and the equivalent of having your own private instruction...

Method Precision Pilates

E007 Pilates Instruction DVD - Pilates Instruction DVD - This program combines 2 complete workouts one for toning and one for sculpting your body. - Each workout targets specific areas of your body and includes moves for all ages and skill levels, and allows you to concentrate on those areas that you feel need the most attention. - Get toned, firm and flatter abs without tiresome sit-ups or crunches. - Define your buns and legs without lunges,...

Complete Cardio Step

E018 Step Aerobics Instruction DVD - Step Aerobics Exercise-Workout Instruction DVD - A complete step workout plus core conditioning. Ann Marie will start you with a warm-up (8 min.), move you into Jammin 32's creative 32 count combinations linked together for a complete step workout (42 min.), Cool-down (6 min.), and Core conditioning using the Resist-A-Ball and stretch (9 min.) - The DVD has multiple options for different length of workouts for...

Bollywood Dance Workout

D008 Dance Fitness Workout DVD - Dance Fitness Instruction. For ALL fitness and experience levels. Inspired by the Indian film tradition of infectiously expressive music and dance comes a sexy, saucy, calorie-burning, full-body workout. Fitness star Hemalayaa leads you in traditional moves that will tone you head to toe while unleashing waves of energy and joy. The movements are simpleno exercise or dance experience requiredbut the results are big....

Square Dancing Today

D025 Square Dance Lessons DVD - Square Dancing Instruction. Includes all the basic terminology for beginners in square dance. Plus 5 complete square dances taught by a professional and demonstrated by a skilled group of square dancers. This video is very good for someone who wants to begin square dancing and those who have experience. We had a lot of fun with it at a family party. Good, simple, instructional square dance video. Really helped us to...

Pilates Technique Circle Mat

E007 Pilates Instruction DVD - Pilates Instruction DVD - Classical Pilates technique videos feature two of the most renowned Pilates professionals in the world, master instructor Bob Liekens and commentator Alycea Ungaro, who uphold the tradition and high ideals of Joseph Pilates' original New York City Studio, which began during the 1920s. - Classical Pilates shows good fundamentals of using the magic circle, and then demonstrates a solid beginning...

Yoga Gentle Extreme Beginners

E015 Yoga Instruction DVD - Yoga Instruction DVD - A yoga workout that is truly geared for beginners, designed and led by renowned yoga instructor and fitness expert Evamarie Pilipuf. - With her characteristic down-to-earth demeanor and soothing voice, Evamarie guides you through a graceful warm-up, a carefully designed sequence of beginner-friendly yoga postures, and a relaxing meditation. - In a bonus post-workout tutorial, Evamarie offers additional...

Wrestler Escapes and Reversals

S018 Wrestling Instruction DVD - Wrestling Instruction DVD - Greg Strobel Becoming a Champion Wrestler Escapes and Reversals The Attitude to Get Away. Lehigh University Head Coach, 04 NWCA Coach of the Year. A championship wrestler must be able to get away from his opponent. If your opponent is riding you, you are getting beat. Coach Strobels four principles to escapes are good position, strong attitude, avoid handles, and solve the problem. Starting...

Strength Toolbox

E001 Aerobics Instruction DVD - Aerobic Fitness and Workout Instruction DVD - A complete full-body workout with tool-box options. - After a complete warm-up (5 min.), Mindy will take you through an upper, lower and core training section. - Each section uses either body weight, tubing, or weights (90 min). - She then finishes with stretching (7-10 min). You can choose from many options on the DVD by either body part or equipment. - These tool-box...

Ballroom Latin Sampler

D002 Ballroom Dance Lessons DVD - Ballroom Latin Dancing Instruction. This innovative DVD compilation teaches the basics and the most essential steps for beginners, which is perfect for gift-giving to friends, family, co-workers, or yourself. The Ballroom and Latin Dance Sampler is best used as a starting point that will help you quickly accelerate your way through the Shawn Trautman Dance Collection in its entirety where you will have your choice...

Two-Step Beginners 1

D007 Country Dance Lessons DVD - Country Dancing Instruction. No experience necessary. The basics of lead and follow Two-Step as well as mirrored vines, wraps, torque turns, forward and back presentations and much more are all taught from a complete beginner perspective. Whether for a hot night at a country western club or just something fun to do, this volume is for everyone as you will learn to lead and follow the Two-Step (also known as the Texas...

Biggest Loser Workout 2

E001 Aerobics Instruction DVD - Aerobic Fitness and Workout Instruction DVD - In this stepped up Volume 2 version of The Biggest Loser The Workout you will be able to maximize your weight loss efforts in minimum time with The Biggest Loser trainers Bob Harper and Kim Lyons, and six contestants from seasons two and three of the NBC hit show. - No matter what your fitness level, this no-gimmicks program will give you the tools and motivation needed...

Pilates Technique Complete Mat

E007 Pilates Instruction DVD - Pilates Instruction DVD - Classical Pilates technique videos feature two of the most renowned Pilates professionals in the world, master instructor Bob Liekens and commentator Alycea Ungaro, who uphold the tradition and high ideals of Joseph Pilates' original New York City Studio, which began during the 1920s. - This DVD serves to preserve the original, classical method in the face of current challenges. - Each exercise...

Visual Dictionary Ballet Children

D016 Kids Childrens Dance Lessons DVD - Kids Childrens Dancing Instruction. This 2 and one half hr DVD contains a complete visual dictionary and class for the beginner ballet student. It is an invaluable training tool for children just beginning ballet and reference guide that can be used for years to come. It includes the definitions of terminology, basic technique, movements and steps the kids will need to know, with detailed visual instruction...

Walk Strong

E013 Walking Exercise Instruction DVD - Walking Exercise-Workout Instruction DVD - Put some muscle into your workout with Interval Strength Training. - Here's a formula they didn't teach you in math class strong muscles = serious fat burning. - That's right ? strength training actually helps burn those calories double time. - So what are you weighting for?grab those Walk Away Weights out of the closet. - Then, youll spice up your brisk walk with...

Gilad Ultimate Body Sculpt

E001 Aerobics Instruction DVD - Aerobic Fitness and Workout Instruction DVD - The Power and Grace workout is designed to dramatically improve your athletic abilities. - In it Gilad helps you increase your strength, speed and stamina through a combination of plyometric, isometric and functional moves. - Gilad's Ultimate Body Sculpt home video workouts are being called the best workout videos ever made. The workout principal and style is based on...

Tae Bo Strength Within

E006 Kick Boxing Instruction DVD - Kickboxing Exercise-Workout Instruction DVD - Faith and focus have made Tae Bo the single most influential fitness program ever. - Whether youve done Tae Bo for years or want to experience the pure inspirational power of Tae Bo for the first time, this program is sure to help you achieve a truly amazing transformation of both body and mind. - The Strength Within is an exciting new program from the Tae Bo Believers...

Mission Possible Step Hi-Lo

E018 Step Aerobics Instruction DVD - Step Aerobics Exercise-Workout Instruction DVD - Step and multi-impact aerobic workout for beginners. - Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to soar through this exciting new workout with Christi and her special agents. - This exceptional step and multi-impact workout is for all exercise levels. - Beginners will thoroughly enjoy the easy-to-follow choreography, while advanced exercisers will appreciate...

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S002 Bowling Instruction DVD
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