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S002 Bowling Instruction DVD
Learn to dance at home using instructional videos. Dancing for beginner through advanced, easy to learn popular and classic dance moves for home or club.
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S002 Bowling Instruction DVD

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S002 Bowling Instruction DVD

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Keys to Better Bowling

S002 Bowling Training DVD - Bowling Instructional DVD - Learn how to bowl your best game from two of the worlds top bowling coaches. - Fred Borden and Ken Yokobosky cover important bowling principles of benefit to all bowlers, regardless of experience. - Topics covered include equipment, delivery, the strike ball, making spares, adjusting to changing lane conditions, mastering the mental game, plus much more. - This comprehensive program will help...

Advanced Bowling Techniques

S002 Bowling Training DVD - Bowling Instructional DVD. Discover advanced bowling secrets from two of the top coaches in the world. - Fred Borden and Ken Yokobosky explain and demonstrate the techniques and adjustments used by elite bowlers. - Topics covered include separation, swing, release, the five adjustments you need to master, reading and adjusting to the lanes, and strategies to improve your mental game. - Whether you are aiming to win bowling...

Bowling fun fundamentals

S002 Bowling Training DVD - Bowling Instructional DVD. Bowling is fun. - When you start knocking down more pins and bowl a higher score it becomes even more enjoyable. - In this entertaining and informative DVD, coaches Fred Borden and Ken Yokobosky teach a group of young bowlers everything they need to know to excel at the game. - Topics covered include equipment, rules and etiquette, the four-step approach, arm swing, finish position, the release,...

Bowling Faults and Fixes

S002 Bowling Training DVD - Bowling Instructional DVD. This DVD featuring Walter Ray Williams, Jr. Will show how to immediately correct the most common errors made by players of all levels and abilities. - Walter Ray is assisted by former PBA bowler Mark Baker. Together they work with several different bowlers, analyzing their techniques and correcting the various weaknesses in their games. - Some of the tips covered in this program include how...

Becoming a Better Boxer 1

S002 Bowling Training DVD - Boxing Instructional DVD. This DVD is volume one of a three-part series featuring Kenny Weldon. - In this program, Kenny shares the same training techniques and tips that he has used to train some of the top boxers in the world. - Topics covered on this DVD include - the evaluation line, - jump boxes, - the rack, - jumping rope, - proper movement and fundamental boxing skills. - This comprehensive series is a must...

Golf How to Break 80

S007 Golf Training DVD - Golf Instructional DVD - Wouldnt golf be fun if you were able to break 80 almost every single time that you played? - In this unique DVD, AJ Bonar will provide you with the tools needed to enable you to consistently shoot in the 70s. - Among the topics covered are mastering the short game, the secrets of the bunker shot and developing powerful and accurate drives. - Regardless of your current skill level, this program will...

Golf How to Break Par

S007 Golf Training DVD - Golf Instructional DVD - Join AJ Bonar as he covers the essential shots that you will need to improve your golf game and finally break par. - He shares many important swing concepts and tips that will help golfers of all skill levels. - Among the topics covered are how to master the driver and put the ball in the fairway, a variety of short pitch shots near the green that will enable you to consistently save par, longer...

Advanced Skills and Progressions

S008 Gymnastics Training DVD - Gymnastics Instructional DVD - This comprehensive DVD encompasses all aspects of advanced mens gymnastics. - Topics covered include techniques and progressions for floor exercise, pommel horse, still rings, vault, parallel bars and the horizontal bar. - Three-time NCAA Coach of the Year, Mark Williams, presents the essential elements that are necessary to perfect the more difficult skills in all six events. - This...


E009 Recovery Rehabilitation Instruction DVD - Recovery-Rehabilitation Instruction DVD - Alice Saland, MA is a certified personal trainer, former aerobics instruction, fitness columnist, and breast cancer survivor. - Alicethenics Exercises to increase freedom of movement after breast surgery is a truly healing 30 minute exercise video for women recovering from breast surgery. - 30 mins. (2006) DVD-All-Region -

Beginner-Intermediate Pilates

E007 Pilates Instruction DVD - Pilates Instruction DVD - A workout that works for everyone. - If youre on that borderline between beginner and a higher level of difficulty, this great basic program will help prepare you for more challenging movements. - 46 mins. (2005) DVD-All-Region -

Beginner Pilates Workout

E007 Pilates Instruction DVD - Pilates Instruction DVD - This workout is challenging, but will improve your strength, flexibility and coordination. - Remember - dont stress yourself out over exercise. - It is designed to be fun and stress free. - 46 mins. (2005) DVD-All-Region -

Intermediate-Advanced Pilates Workout

E007 Pilates Instruction DVD - Pilates Instruction DVD - This video is more challenging than the Beginner or Beginner-Intermediate. - Remember variety is exciting when you are working out. - This workout will definitely improve your strength, flexibility and coordination. - 46 mins. (2005) DVD-All-Region -

The Perfect Body

E007 Pilates Instruction DVD - Pilates Instruction DVD - The exercises in this video will strengthen your deep postural muscles, gradually building your own ?girdle of strength' to protect your back. - Recommended by physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropractors as THE way forward in exercise for the new millennium. - Equally suitable for beginners and advanced users. - 90 mins. (2006) DVD All Region -

Firm Flat Abs Fast

E012 Tone Firm Instruction DVD - Tone and Firm Exercise-Workout Instruction DVD - Get the abs of your dreams with SELF Firm Flat Abs Fast. - Combining elements from Yoga, Pilates, stability ball with traditional resistance training and cardio to burn fat, you will sculpt the abs you always wanted quickly and easily. - 25 mins. (2005) DVD All Region -

Pilates Technique Neck Back

E007 Pilates Instruction DVD - Pilates Instruction DVD - This DVD contains a full Pre-Pilates section, as well as three complete Classical Pilates modified mat levels to help facilitate safety and stability of the neck and back while you enjoy your refreshing workouts. - Another goal of this program is to help you safely increase strength, stamina, coordination and flexibility for the entire body. - 110 mins. (2006) DVD-All-Region -

Pilates for Pregnancy

E007 Pilates Instruction DVD - Pilates Instruction DVD - At last, a safe and effective Pilates program that takes into account all the changes your body is going through while pregnant. - Designed for use in pregnancy from 16 weeks onwards and from 6 weeks after the birth. - Relax safe in the knowledge that you have chosen the best possible exercise for you and your baby. - 50 mins. (2006) DVD All Region -

Pilates Express

E007 Pilates Instruction DVD - Pilates Instruction DVD - Design your own workout with these five mini-workouts, each with its own focus for you to mix and match. - The five mini-workouts include standing exercises, abdominals, upper body, lower body and stretching out. - 90 mins. (2006) DVD All Region -


E006 Kick Boxing Instruction DVD - Kickboxing Exercise-Workout Instruction DVD - The complete workout for mind body and soul will encourage you to dance, stretch, punch and yell your way to a leaner body and sharper mind. - Stress and frustrations will melt away with Joshua Isaac Smith. - 76 mins. (2005) DVD-All-Region -

Kitchen Sink Conditioning

E001 Aerobics Instruction DVD - Aerobic Fitness and Workout Instruction DVD - Former U.S. National Aerobic Champion and recipient of 4 OBOW Awards uses everything but the kitchen sink in this highly imaginative total body workout. - Literally using whatever you can get your hands on; this workout will cook up an endless array of creative and tasty sculpting drills. - 65 mins. (2005) DVD-All-Region -

Blast Away 10 Pounds

E001 Aerobics Instruction DVD - Aerobic Fitness and Workout Instruction DVD - TVs renowned home fitness expert helps you blast off unwanted weight and boost your metabolism through two fun, 20 minute kickboxing workouts. - All youll need is a set of 3-5 pound weights-even soup cans or water bottles will do. - Give Denise 20 minutes a day, and watch up to 10 pounds melt away within a month. - 49 mins. (2000-2005) DVD All Region -

Biggest Loser Workout

E001 Aerobics Instruction DVD - Aerobic Fitness and Workout Instruction DVD - Adapted from NBC's Hit Show, featuring Bob Harper and contestants from Seasons 1 and 2. - This DVD Features customized workout with 6 routines to choose from - Warm-up (5 min.); Low-Intensity Workout (25 min.); High-Intensity Workout (20 min.); Strength and Sculpt (20 min.); Boot Camp (20 min.); Stretch (10 min.). - It also includes an inspirational segment from the cast....

Back Care Yoga

E009 Recovery Rehabilitation Instruction DVD - Recovery-Rehabilitation Instruction DVD - A holistic solution including poses to ease pain, strengthen the back and torso, and improve flexibility. - Includes a medical analysis of yogas effectiveness for back health, plus bonus sequence to improve posture while seated. - With Rodney Yee. - 60 mins. (2004) DVD-All-Region -

Pilates Beginning Mat Workout

E007 Pilates Instruction DVD - Pilates Instruction DVD - Practiced with correct form, posture and alignment, Pilates mat workouts can lengthen, strengthen and tone muscles without joint stress. - In this program, certified instructor Ana Caban introduces beginners to underlying Pilates principles and proper form, with emphasis on strengthening the powerhouse - the abdomen, lower back and buttocks. - 60 mins. (2001) DVD-All-Region -

Immersion Swimming Freestyle

E002 Swimming Instruction DVD - Aquatic-Swimming Instruction DVD - Since 1989, Total Immersion Swimming has become a phenomenon among improvement-minded swimmers ? the first program in the history of swimming instruction with raving fans. - TI has become so popular because it is simpler than any alternative; it works with unprecedented dependability and it makes swimming enjoyable and deeply satisfying. - Freestyle Made Easy provides the whole picture...

Yoga Neck Pain Tight Shoulders

E009 Recovery Rehabilitation Instruction DVD - Recovery-Rehabilitation Instruction DVD - This workout will improve your posture and strengthen your neck and spine. - Workout includes an energizing pre-warm-up, a standing warm-up, muscle firming, and lengthening mat work, a 6-minute deep abdominal workout that tightens the abdominals while it strengthens the back, and a restorative section with relaxation. - 90 mins. (2005) DVD-All-Region -

Gilad Beginners Weight Loss

E001 Aerobics Instruction DVD - Aerobic Fitness and Workout Instruction DVD - Ideal for all ages, this routine is a fun, unique way to jump-start your fitness program and get back into shape. - Safe and easy to follow, you begin with low-impact aerobics to burn fat. - Then a toning program firms and shapes your abdominal, chest, arms, hips, thighs and buttocks. - A relaxing stretch at the end is your reward for a job well done. - 55 mins. (1995-2004)...

Aqua Attack Aqua Kick Boxing

E002 Swimming Instruction DVD - Aquatic-Swimming Instruction DVD - Learn the latest kicks, jabs, undercuts, and more effective self-defense moves redesigned to maximize waters built in resistance. - Choreographed boxing and kick boxing moves are combined into effective, stamina building routines. - Class also includes a slower, flexibility enhancing Tai Chi Cool Down. - 56 mins. (1998-2006) DVD All Region -

Pilates Kids Young Adults

E007 Pilates Instruction DVD - Pilates Instruction DVD - Classical Pilates Inc. Demonstrates a wonderful curriculum of safe and effective Classical Pilates exercises. - For children ages 5-12, and workouts for young adults ages 13-17. - Help improve Personal body image, mental concentration, injury prevention, strength and flexibility, weight management, self-esteem and confidence, coordination and balance. - 75 mins. (2006) DVD-All-Region -

Taekwondo Advanced Training

E005 Martial Arts Instruction DVD - Karate-Martial Arts Instruction DVD - Osamu Inoues Taekwondo Advanced Training is an excellent source and home study aid for all Taekwondo students of any age. - This DVD includes over 90 minutes of essential information and detailed step by step instructions of intermediate movements that are used to practice more advanced techniques and develop your skills and strength. - 90 mins. (2006) DVD-All-Region -

Solid Gold Cardio

E001 Aerobics Instruction DVD - Aerobic Fitness and Workout Instruction DVD - Christis pullin' out all the stops with Solid Gold Cardio, a veritable treasure filled with top-notch choreography, chart-breaking music, best friends, superior instruction and outstanding cardio and muscular benefits. - Additionally, Christi has gone to great lengths to assist and educate all levels of exercisers. - Besides including helpful modifiers to provide less...

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S002 Bowling Instruction DVD
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