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Rhythm Guitar Lessons DVD
Learn to dance at home using instructional videos. Dancing for beginner through advanced, easy to learn popular and classic dance moves for home or club.
I do not try to dance better than anyone else. I only try to to dance better than myself. -Mikhail Baryshnikov
Rhythm Guitar Lessons DVD

The brighter you are, the more you have to learn. -Don Herold
Rhythm Guitar Lessons DVD

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hi-NRG Tap Dance

D027 Tap Tapping Dance Lessons DVD - Tap Tapping Dancing Instruction. Gregg Russell brings to tap an eclectic mix of style including hip-hop, jazz and lyrical along with a traditional base, reminiscent of Gene Kelly and the Nicholas Brothers. It is a joy to watch him dance. Gregg Russell is an Emmy nominated choreographer, whos credits include a commercial for Carvel Ice Cream and choreographer for the CBS soap opera Bold and the Beautiful . He danced...

Simply Tap

D027 Tap Tapping Dance Lessons DVD - Tap Tapping Dancing Instruction. Germaine is a wonderful teacher. Shes filled with imagination and great fun to work with. I must say that i LEARNED how to Tap Dance with Germaine Salsberg . Granted , it was from a DVD, not a class, but nonetheless her instruction is clear and concise. Even for someone like myself who has never had a professional dance class, I was able to pick up the steps and exercises as Germaine...

Erick Hawkins Modern Dance

D018 Modern Dance Lessons DVD - Volume I: Principles and Floor Warm Up, together with its companion DVD, The Erick Hawkins Modern Dance Technique.Volume II: Movement Patterns and Aesthetic Applications. Gives viewers the rare opportunity to share a master class with Erick Hawkins as he teaches, rehearses and dances with his company. Although following a form that is related to ballet and modern dance, Hawkins focus on mental attitude and emphasis...

Tap Dancing for Beginners

D027 Tap Tapping Dance Lessons DVD - Tap Dancing for Beginners, with Henry Le Tang, is a fun instructional dance program that will teach you the basic steps of Tap Dance. Tap is one of the best ways to start your dancing life. Within a short time, you will be able to work at a pace that provides plenty of fitness benefits, such as coordination, agility, timing, and rhythm. This DVD features a dance preface and epilogue by the tap-master, Honi Coles....

Waves of Future HipHop

D004 HipHop Breakdance Lessons DVD - 2 DVD set. Future has been makin it happen on the NYC hip-hop scene since the 80s and on this 2-DVD set he shares it ALL with you: *Basics of hip-hop waving and combinations *Advanced waves and combinations *House dance moves and combinations *Waving in house dance. What is waving? Its the illusional improvisational street hip-hop dance style that you THOUGHT you could never do. Follow Future to develop that extreme...

Steppin in Rhythm

E018 Step Aerobics Instruction DVD - Step Aerobics Exercise-Workout Instruction DVD - This workout will change your mind and your coordination. - This dance-style step DVD, uses elements of style and rhythm interspersed with a few athletic moves to bring some power into the workout. - Youll love the triple rhythms, syncopated steps, and the double bounces applied to both classic and fresh step moves. - This is one step workout that will remain...

Jazzercise Ballet Body

D008 Dance Fitness Workout DVD - Get the dancer's body you've always wanted with Ballet Body by Jazzercise. This flowing, feel good workout combines full body, basic ballet movements with the upbeat energy of Jazzercise. Targeted sculpting and toning exercises combined with the rhythm and flexibility of dance will help you attain that long, sleek dancer?s physique. Strengthen and lengthen your muscles for proper posture and grace for life. Choose...

Salsa 101

D002 Ballroom Dance Lessons DVD - After intensive research and many attempts to find a true Salsa Dance lesson video, I finally found the perfect guide for salsa beginners. Shawn and Joannas Salsa 101 is different from the other dance instruction videos I've tried because its extraordinarily fascinating, fun and entertaining. If you have ever tried taking dance lessons, I can share with you the way my body feels afterwards, personally, my legs feel...

Hula for Children

D016 Kids Childrens Dance Lessons DVD - Taina Passmore is a beautiful, dark-haired island dance instructor who has had years of experience as dancer, choreographer, singer, emcee, actress, and producer of the Memories of Paradise show in Hawaii. The mother of four and very young-looking nana (grandmother) of four, Taina teaches children the lovely hula dance with encouraging smiles and a true aloha spirit. With a background of breathtaking Hawaiian...

Hula for Children

D016 Kids Childrens Dance Lessons DVD - Kids Childrens Dancing Instruction. Taina Passmore is a beautiful, dark-haired island dance instructor who has had years of experience as dancer, choreographer, singer, emcee, actress, and producer of the Memories of Paradise show in Hawaii. The mother of four and very young-looking nana (grandmother) of four, Taina teaches children the lovely hula dance with encouraging smiles and a true aloha spirit. With...

Your Wedding Dance

D028 Wedding Dance Lessons DVD - YOUR WEDDING DANCE: easy classic slow dance. Why has our DVD been riding at #1 best seller on Amazon for several months? Why are couples saying that this is the ABSOLUTE BEST Wedding Dance Instructional DVD on the market? FIRST: we directly address the needs of total beginners, who really just want to learn enough for a slow romantic first dance, that next step, beyond the common Hug and Wobble. Unlike almost all current...

Complete Guide Latin Dancing

D002 Ballroom Dance Lessons DVD - Christy Lane has several dance tutorial dvds. She has the personality of a cool mother. She's a great dancer, lively, enthusiastic, corny and honest joker (here's the next move just to confuse you more..) and teaches you fast, but simply, so it's easy to follow. Christy introduces every move in 1-4 speed, the slowly speeds it up and she encorages you to practice every move she teaches several times before moving on...

You Can Dance Cha-Cha

D002 Ballroom Dance Lessons DVD - The Cha-cha came to the US from Cuba in the '50s and quickly became a national dance craze that has remained popular ever since. The Cha-cha has the tropical rhythm and the hip swaying of the other Latin dances, but has a very unique style of its own. This DVD is great for a beginner. The instruction is crystal clear and there are no distracting set designs or fancy costumes. The indroduction is a little corny though...

Technique Class 1 Issaev

Marina Stolyar - Ballet Music for Ballet Masters Ballet Technique Class Vol 1 Vladimir Issaev - Ballet Dance Class Music - Appropriate for all levels and pointe work in the Russian method, this double length compact disc features twenty-eight melodies from Tchaikovsky, Minkus, Drigo, Delibes, Donizetti, Gounod, Lovenskjold, Glinka, and Verdi, arranged by Marina Stolyar. This solo piano music for a master class was created to follow the style Julius...

Masters of Flamenco

Masters of Flamenco - Masters of Flamenco Early Television Concerts - Dance Performance DVD - The excitement of flamenco dance is the result of years of arduous training. Difficult to master, and requiring the talents as well of specially trained guitarists and singers, it is not for the amateur or the faint of heart. Before the popularity of motion pictures featuring flamenco dance few people outside of Spain knew flamenco. Yet it has gradually caught...

Tap Dance Made Easy 1

D027 Tap Tapping Dance Lessons DVD - Tap Tapping Dancing Instruction. With this video, it was my goal to not forget what it was like to be an absolute beginner in learning tap, and make the instruction as clear as possible, while still moving at a pace fast enough to keep the user engaged and challenged. Each step is meticulously broken down and explained the process of creating the sounds, with an emphasis on correct body placement and accurate rhythm....

Steve Smith Drum Set Technique

M021 Drums Percussion Lessons DVD - Drums-Percussion Instruction DVD - Voted Best Drum DVD by Modern Drummer Magazine. - With over four and a half hours of footage, this 2-DVD set is a virtual encyclopedia of drumset techniques, styles and concepts. - Drumset Technique (Disc One) ? Steve explains hand and foot technique in unprecedented detail and gets to the core of what drummers need to know in order to improve their feel and technical skills....

Walk Diet

E013 Walking Exercise Instruction DVD - Walking Exercise-Workout Instruction DVD - A healthy diet is an important part of staying in shape; however, to maintain optimum results, you need to exercise. - The Walk Diet is not a food diet but an activity-based diet. - This is one of the best ways to get started on a successful weight-loss plan. So lets get moving. - One Mile Get started on the road to a better body with Leslie Sansone's beginner's...

Salsa Dance Workout

D008 Dance Fitness Workout DVD - Dance Fitness Instruction. The passion, excitement, and rhythm of salsa dance mixed with an exhilarating and fun workout, SalsaCrazy presents, for the first time ever, your favorite dance workout, a Salsa Dance Workout. This is it, the ultimate mix of dance and fitness with fun salsa, dance workout. There's no dance experience and no partner required. In fact, you'll learn all the fantastic dance moves, and have them...

Bellydance Hip-Hop Liquid Fusion

D003 Bellydance Lessons DVD - 2-DVD SET: Belly dancing classes, Belly dance how-to, Hip-hop how-to, Fusion belly dance instruction, Popping, Waving. In the Wave Explosion instructional program, you will explore the Liquid Fusion style, seamlessly blending belly dance and hip-hop with a special emphasis on waving. Wave Explosion is a continuous flow of dance combinations and drills designed to commit new techniques to your muscle memory and improve...


Finis Jhung, Scott Killian - Finis Jhung Scott Killian KIDS 2 - Ballet Dance Class Music - Finis Jhung is a world renowned Ballet Master. Scott Killian's done it again. With a format similar to that used in the popular KIDS. CD, teachers will find it easy to introduce new music into the classroom without having to drastically adjust the existing class structure. Here are 51 new orchestrations which are imaginative and colorful and maintain the necessary...

Music for Modern Dance

Jack Morer (Artist, Composer, Performer) - New Music for Modern Dance - Ballet Dance Class Music - A collection of 10 dynamic, long form, original pieces conceived and composed specifically for modern dance class with advisement by the Director of the Jose Lim?n Institute School in NYC, Alan Danielson. All pieces are performed on the Baritone Guitar. New Music for Dance Teachers and Dancers. As a dancer, you want music that wakes up your visceral...

Red Hot Salsa Beginner

D002 Ballroom Dance Lessons DVD - Fast-paced and Exciting. Salsa is Red Hot. ? Learn this popular and sexy dance. ? Feel the exciting rhythms of Latin Music. ? You'll love it. It's simply Sabroso. With this DVD you will receive professional instruction from Ron and Bethana Rosario who will teach you the basics that are the foundation of the dance. These basics are presented in an easy-to-learn format that will allow you to enter the social dance floor...

Country Western Sampler

D007 Country Dance Lessons DVD - Country Dancing Instruction. With nearly two decades of experience, a number of World Champion students to their credit, and their recently published book Picture Yourself Dancing: Step-by-Step Instruction for Ballroom, Latin, Country, and More, Shawn and Joanna have perfected the basic elements of each dance while specializing in the leading and following aspects which are extremely hard to find. Shawn and Joanna...

Igor Stravinsky Le Rossignol

Natalie Dessay (Actor), Hugo Simcic (Actor), Christian Chaudet (Director) - Igor Stravinsky Le Rossignol - Dance Performance DVD - This DVD is an animated film adaptation for TV of EMI Classics' successful 1999 recording of Stravinsky's Le Rossignol featuring Natalie Dessay and James Conlon. FIlmmaker Christian Chaudet offers superb narrative and visual ingredients. This amazing film blends 3-D computer graphics with live action and it is simply brimming...

Fat Burning Dance Mix

D008 Dance Fitness Workout DVD - Dance Fitness Instruction. It's no secret, dancers have fantastic bodies - now you can too. FAT-BURNING DANCE MIX blends the hottest body-slimming dance moves to help you lose weight and shape a smoldering, sexy body. With her infectious energy, Denise Austin will have you twisting, jumping and bumping your way to a leaner, more confident you. And with four exciting, fat-burning dance routines to choose from, you can...

Flamenco You Can Do It

D002 Ballroom Dance Lessons DVD - A native Spaniard, Flamenco dancer and teacher Puela Lunaris grew up in the ruins of an ancient Moorish castle in Southwestern Spain. Hers was a childhood immersed in the traditional Flamenco culture. A disciple of the legendary Maestro El Farruco, Puela Lunaris is an acclaimed flamenco teacher, performer, lecturer and choreographer. She has taught throughout Spain at at such prestigious venues as Peter Gabriels W.O.M.A.D....

Invitation to the Dance

Wilhelm Burmann (Conductor), Miro Magloire (Performer) - Invitation to the Dance - Ballet Dance Class Music - Wilhelm Burmann, one of the most sought-after teachers in the ballet world who has taught companies like New York City Ballet and the Paris Opera Ballet, is presenting an exquisite selection of piano music for your class. 31 tracks for barre and center, designed to entice your students to dance musically and with attention to rhythm and phrasing....

City Class

Steven V Mitchell (Artist, Performer) - City Class - Ballet Dance Class Music - Steven understands the relationship between music and dance. Hi sensibility to movement, knowledge of the ballet technique, coupled with his wonderful musicality, make him one of the best, if not the best class-rehearsal accompanist of our times. Steven's selection of the wonderful tunes on his City Class, are exquisitely arranged and makes for a great experience in the...

Ballet Class Dancers Gymnasts

Dennis Buck, George Gershwin - A Ballet Class for Dancers and Gymnasts - Ballet Dance Class Music - A complete technical ballet class with music by Gershwin. Barre and centre. Emphasizes body placement, amplitude and elasticity, body waves, balance combinations, turns,leaps and more. Extensive notes are available. Pianist: Dennis Buck. I have used this CD for two years now and continue to get good use out of it. Most melodies are familiar and easy...

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Rhythm Guitar Lessons DVD
Somebody just gave me a shower radio. Thanks a lot. Do you really want music in the shower? I guess there's no better place to dance than a slick surface next to a glass door.-Jerry Seinfeld
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