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M027 Piano Keyboards Lessons DVD
Learn to dance at home using instructional videos. Dancing for beginner through advanced, easy to learn popular and classic dance moves for home or club.
You live through the darkness from what you learned in the light. -Hope MacDonald
M027 Piano Keyboards Lessons DVD

Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it. -George Santayana
M027 Piano Keyboards Lessons DVD

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The Joy of Ballet

Lynn Stanford (Composer, Performer) - The Joy of Ballet Music for Ballet Class - Ballet Dance Class Music - A double length compact disc with 23 repeated solo piano melodies for a complete intermediate ballet class. It offers a unique collection of original music without singing or vocal instructions. Lynn Stanford recorded hundreds of hours of distinctive music for dance classes. The Joy of Ballet, containing all original improvisations without vocal...

More Lynn Stanford

Lynn Stanford (Artist) - More Lynn Stanford Music for Ballet Class - Ballet Dance Class Music - A single length compact disc with 20 unrepeated solo piano melodies for a complete ballet class. A unique collection of original music without singing or vocal instructions. Revolutionized the entire aspect of music for ballet class. Twenty extra-long unrepeated bands capture Lynn's most creative improvisational melodies. Cover notes suggest uses for each...


Josu Gallastegui (Artist) - Recollections 31 Piano Pieces for Ballet Barre - Ballet Dance Class Music - I have every one of Josu Gallestegui's CDs for ballet class; I have used them many, many times for teaching ballet classes, and I love using them at home to do my own barre. IMO, his CDs stand head and shoulders above the rest. Mr. Gallestegui is a real musician, an artist. He also plays on a superb instrument, or at least it sounds that way to...

BYE Dance Sylvie Guillem

Sylvie Guillem, Mats Ek - BYE Dance Sylvie Guillem Mats Ek - Dance Performance DVD - BYE (AJ?), has been heralded as a 'masterpiece' by the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. It is performed by Sylvie Guillem, 'the most brilliant ballerina of her generation' (The Guardian, UK) and is choreographed and directed by acclaimed Swedish choreographer Mats Ek. BYE is a film interpretation of Mats Ek's solo piece BYE for and requested by Sylvie Guillem, presently...

Behind Barres Volume 7

Judy Rice, Paul Lewis - Behind Barres Volume 7 Opera for Ballet - Ballet Dance Class Music - A delightful collection of arias and overtures from famous operas perfect for any ballet class. Directed by Judy Rice, this compact disc contains extra long tracks of music for several groups in the center or many repetitions at the barre. Paul Lewis has presented these favorite melodies in an exciting style by using his excellent technique. Bizet, Tchaikovsky...

Technique Class 5 Issaev

Vladimir Issaev (Artist, Conductor), Maria Eugenia Del Frade (Artist, Performer) - Ballet Music for Ballet Masters Ballet Technique Class Vol 5 Vladimir Issaev - Ballet Dance Class Music - Ballet Master and Choreographer, Vladimir Issaev brings this new Ballet Class CD played by Cuban Pianist Maria Eugenia Del Frade. The CD contains Barre and certer exercises appropriate for any level from Beginners to Professionals. All pieces were carefully selected...

Baby Ballet

D016 Kids Childrens Dance Lessons DVD - Kids Childrens Dancing Instruction. Budding ballerinas ages 4 to 6 receive a thorough introduction to ballet at the tutelage of Miss Rosemary Boross in this 36-minute video. The program features Rosemary Boross, a student helper, and a small class of preschool age dancers as they explore the basics of warming up at the barre, stretching, center work, dancing across the floor, and reverence. Miss Rosemary first...

Dance Class III

Antoinette Peloso (Artist), Michael Cherry (Piano) - Dance Class III Music for Barre and Centre - Ballet Dance Class Music - We welcome Michael Cherry to our line-up of artists on dance class music CDs. On this compact disc titled Dance Class III, he has chosen many outstanding compositions that really fill out the ballet class. Many of the classics are represented here all played in a clear and easy to follow style. Antoinette Peloso has arranged...

Mark Get Set Dance

Steven Mitchell (Artist) - On Your Mark Get Set Dance - Ballet Dance Class Music - ?On Your Mark. Get Set. Dance.? CD is a recording for anybody who teaches children to move to music; it is not only for pre-ballet, but pre-school and day care setups. Children enter the space to beautiful piano music with a quiet, church-like chime for each individual child?s entrance. The class is divided into segments: Seated Exercises, On Your Mark Dances (where...

Pas de Chat

Lisa Harris (Composer) - Pas de Chat - Ballet Dance Class Music - Pas de Chat, Music for Ballet Class has a wide variety of songs for each combination for barre and center. A combination of popular, classical and ballet music played by Lisa Harris who incorporates her own style of playing on a beautifully recorded acoustic piano. Lisa Harris has played for world class ballet companies in Monte Carlo, London, Hamburg, Geneva, Buenos Aires, Madrid and...

David and Doug Music

Douglas Corbin, David Howard - David and Doug Music for Ballet Class - Ballet Dance Class Music - During their more than 15 years of creative collaboration, pianist Douglas Corbin and ballet teacher David Howard have developed an exquisite understanding of the relationship between music and dance. This double-length album of solo piano music presents the essence of their creative work for the ballet class. Douglas Corbin creates a varied flow of 46...

A Dancers Class

David Howard, Dmitry Polischuk - A Dancers Class - Ballet Dance Class Music - David Howard presents a new compact disc of original and familiar solo piano melodies played by Dmitry Polischuk. The music is arranged into Barre and Center exercises with the music for the Barre exercises repeated in the same track. The fourteen melodies for the Center exercises include five Allegros, two pirouettes, as well as music for pointe work and men steps. This...

New Ballet Music 3

Finis Jhung, Scott Killian - Finis Jhung Scott Killian New Ballet Music 3 - Ballet Dance Class Music - Finis Jhung is a world renowned Ballet Master. 27 Digitally Orchestrated Selections for Barre and Center Exercises. 13 barre, 14 center exercises. No repeats. Extra long tracks. In more ways than one, this All-American CD really is revolutionary: it's not your typical ballet music; every exercise is digitally orchestrated, providing a brand new listening...

Technique Class 1 Issaev

Marina Stolyar - Ballet Music for Ballet Masters Ballet Technique Class Vol 1 Vladimir Issaev - Ballet Dance Class Music - Appropriate for all levels and pointe work in the Russian method, this double length compact disc features twenty-eight melodies from Tchaikovsky, Minkus, Drigo, Delibes, Donizetti, Gounod, Lovenskjold, Glinka, and Verdi, arranged by Marina Stolyar. This solo piano music for a master class was created to follow the style Julius...

Basic Ballet 5

Finis Jhung, Scott Killian - Finis Jhung Music for Intermediate Ballet Class Music for the Video Basic Ballet 5 - Ballet Dance Class Music - Finis Jhung is a world renowned Ballet Master. 24 Selections. Floor stretches, 15 barre, 8 center exercises. This CD begins with digitally orchestrated music for floor stretches; all the rest is solo piano music. All the music except for two selections has been written by Scott. Once you've heard this CD, which...

Dance Class IV

Whit Kellogg (Artist, Performer), Antoinette Peloso (Artist, Orchestra) - Dance Class IV Music for Barre and Centre - Ballet Dance Class Music - This cd combines the artistry of Whit Kellogg and Antoinette Peloso in a diverse repertoire arranged for the ballet class.Entries for barre and centre can be interchanged and used for combinations other than those designated on the disc. This cd features longer tracks with no repeats. It is hoped that the...

Master Class

Lynn Stanford, David Howard - Master Class Music for Ballet Class - Ballet Dance Class Music - Two great artists on one CD. The best the ballet world has to offer. A double length CD of 33 repeated solo piano melodies for a complete ballet class directed by master teacher David Howard. New original music without vocal instruction in that great Lynn Stanford style. 1. Plie 2. Tendu 3. Tendu 4. Degage 5. Pas De Cheval 6. Rond de Jambe 7. Frappe 8. Fondu...

Ballet Adventures with Liz

D016 Kids Childrens Dance Lessons DVD - Petite Feet uses engaging and imaginative exercises, games and stories to introduce children to basic ballet positions and vocabulary, as well as general dance and musical concepts. Focusing on the creative potential of dance and its storytelling possibilities, Petite Feet encourages children between the ages of 2-5 to learn fundamental and age-appropriate ballet steps, to build confidence and coordination,...

Piano Music From Hawaii

Megumi Kopp (Artist) - Ballet Class Piano Music From Hawaii - Ballet Dance Class Music - 1. Aloha Oe, Plie - 5:32 - 2. Beyond the Reef, Slow Tendu - 4:12 - 3. Lovely Hula Hands, Tendu - 3:19 - 4. Ke Aloha Ihiki Mai, Degage - 2:40 - 5. Coconut Girl - 1:43 - 6. Wailana - 1:19 - 7. Tomi Tomi - 1:14 - 8. Nuuanu Waipunu A Kealoha, Ronde de Jambe 'a Terre - 3:25 - 9. Kuu Ipo I Ka Hee Pue One - 1:01 - 10. Now is the Hour, Ronde De Jambe en L'air...

New Ballet Music 10

Finis Jhung, Scott Killian - Finis Jhung Scott Killian New Ballet Music 10 Special Places - Ballet Dance Class Music - Finis Jhung is a world renowned Ballet Master. 24 digitally orchestrated Barre and Center Exercises. 13 barre, 11 center exercises. No repeats. Extra long tracks. Finis Jhung says: Besides writing completely new music for this CD, I asked Scott to consider reworking some of the exercises he composed for CD5. This music has always...

Music For The Young Dancer

Patience Clements (Artist, Composer, Performer) - New Piano Music For The Young Dancer - Ballet Dance Class Music - Classical, jazz and new age for the beginning to intermediate student, with long bands of music and clear phrases for the student to hear. Music for skips, chainee, an extended polka, beginning pirouette music, a tango, two tempos of polonaise. 37 tracks. 70 minutes. 1. Warm-up 2. Plie 3. Tendu with Plie 4. Tendu 5. Jete I 6. Jete II...


Finis Jhung, Scott Killian - Finis Jhung Scott Killian KIDS 2 - Ballet Dance Class Music - Finis Jhung is a world renowned Ballet Master. Scott Killian's done it again. With a format similar to that used in the popular KIDS. CD, teachers will find it easy to introduce new music into the classroom without having to drastically adjust the existing class structure. Here are 51 new orchestrations which are imaginative and colorful and maintain the necessary...

Return to Covent Garden

Steven Mitchell (Artist), Steven V Mitchell, Various (Composer) - Return to Covent Garden - Ballet Dance Class Music - Another great inspiring collection of original and familiar solo piano melodies from Steven Mitchell. He is clearly one of the top pianists in ballet accompaniment today. Originally made for a video of David Howard's class which never was produced, this music matches David Howard's class perfectly. This CD is a sequel to their first...

Christmas Dance

Lisa Harris (Composer) - Christmas Dance - Ballet Dance Class Music - Christmas tunes that accompany ballet combinations to cheer up the dark days of December. Lot's of fun, and gives variety to the holidays. Each combination is repeated twice. Love Christmas ballet piano music. My ballet boys love this album and it is what we listen at home when we practice. This CD gets kids into the holiday spirit - they love it. Lots of tempo and meter options...

Takes on Theatre Dance

D020 Musical Theater Dance Lessons DVD - Musical Theater Dancing Instruction. Enjoy the innovative choreography of Eugene Fleming whose Broadway career spans more than a decade. This Savoy Strut is a combination which captures the very essence of theatre dance. The Strut is reminiscent of the 1940s when Harlem was in its heyday. Its smooth, sleek, tight movements allow the dancer to express the exuberance of the era. This choreography is best suited...

Reaching Beyond

Miro Magloire (Performer) - Reaching Beyond Piano Music for Ballet Class - Ballet Dance Class Music - The newest CD by Miro Magloire: over 70 Minutes of the finest music by composers such as Liszt, Czerny, Tchaikovsky and Bizet. Exquisitely mixed with original compositions by Miro Magloire. With 29 tracks for barre and center. Played, as always, with invigorating energy and finesse. As former New York City Ballet Principal Maria Calegari says: Being...

Perfect Class 3

Julia Bourlina, Anna Korab - Perfect Class 3 Music for Ballet Class Julia Bourlina and Anna Korab - Ballet Dance Class Music - The Perfect Class CDs each holds more than 74 minutes of lush, inspiring ballet class music, composed and played by Anna Korab on the grand piano, recorded in New York City. Julia Bourlina, (graduate of St. Petersberg, Russia?s Vaganova Academy and 12 years with the Kirov Ballet and Opera Company) has designed extra-long,...

Michael Roberts Volume 4

Michael Roberts - Music for the Ballet Class Arranged and Played By Michael Roberts Volume 4 - Ballet Dance Class Music - Michael Roberts was born in Sussex, England. He began playing the piano at age four. From 1967 to 1975 Michael was production stage manager for Harold Prince in London's West End. In 1970 he was trained and became a dance accompanist for the Royal Ballet School. In 1975 he moved to Los Angeles where he has since worked as a dance...

Invitation to the Dance

Wilhelm Burmann (Conductor), Miro Magloire (Performer) - Invitation to the Dance - Ballet Dance Class Music - Wilhelm Burmann, one of the most sought-after teachers in the ballet world who has taught companies like New York City Ballet and the Paris Opera Ballet, is presenting an exquisite selection of piano music for your class. 31 tracks for barre and center, designed to entice your students to dance musically and with attention to rhythm and phrasing....

Dmitri Roudnevs Class 11

Olga Krasnoselskih (Artist, Composer, Performer) - Dmitri Roudnevs Ballet Class Music vol 11 - Ballet Dance Class Music - Solo classical piano recordings on CD for complete ballet class. Directed by Dmitri Roudnev and played by Olga Krasnoselskih, ballet accompanist for the Moscow based Theater of Classical Ballet. Dmitri Roudnev's Ballet Class Music recordings feature the correct tempos and strong accents for enhancing student training, a trademark...

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M027 Piano Keyboards Lessons DVD
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