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E014 Weight Training Instructional DVD
Learn to dance at home using instructional videos. Dancing for beginner through advanced, easy to learn popular and classic dance moves for home or club.
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E014 Weight Training Instructional DVD

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E014 Weight Training Instructional DVD

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Ballet Boot Camp 2

D008 Dance Fitness Workout DVD - Dance Fitness Instruction. A challenging and fun sequence of dancers' toning exercises followed by fluid dance patterns. Motivated by the classical orchestral soundtrack, you'll feel like you're an aspiring dancer in a real ballet training session. To help you focus, Jessica Sherwood breaks the toning into specific section(e.g. balance, abs, center barre-work). Then, she carefully - but quickly - demos each move one-on-one...

9 Minute Baseball Practice

S019 Baseball Training DVD - Baseball Instructional DVD - An innovative instructional video, this program was made to help coaches and parents run a productive, efficient youth baseball practice in just under an hour. - Coach Marty Schupak has drawn on his 12 years experience to develop a highly effective practice routine. - Video highlights Over 30 creative easy to follow drills; how to run a practice when no field is available; hitting and batting...

Perfect Pregnancy Workout 1

D008 Dance Fitness Workout DVD - You've got nine months to prepare for the challenge of your life. Use every minute. The Perfect Pregnancy Workout will: -improve your mood -reduce lower back pain -develop mental discipline to control labor pain -tone your lower body to handle the demands of labor and birth -make it easier to lose weight after your baby is born -strengthen your upper body to lift and hold your baby -help eliminate or avoid incontinence...

Yoga for Weight Loss

E015 Yoga Instruction DVD - Yoga Instruction DVD - With Suzanne Deason. Beginning a weight loss program just got easer. - The diet-free Quick Start Yoga for Weightloss system is designed to get you started fast and easy with weight loss success. - The workouts boost metabolism, shape lean muscle and give you more energy. - And the step-by-step instruction and easy to learn, change-from-within bonus techniques cultivate the mind-body awareness and...

Becoming a Better Boxer 2

S003 Boxing Training DVD - Boxing Instructional DVD - This DVD is volume two of a three-part series featuring Kenny Weldon. - In this program, Kenny shares the same training techniques and tips that he has used to train some of the top boxers in the world. - Topics covered on this DVD include the ten punches that you need to master, - how to work the double end bag, - how to work the heavy bag, - the proper way to work the speed bag. - This...

Tap Dance Made Easy 3

D027 Tap Tapping Dance Lessons DVD - The third release in this popular DVD series, Vol 3: Time Step Boot Camp combines clear instruction and a break-down of musical counts with a dual-angle view of the footwork to one of the most important and popular dance moves: the Time Step. Of the dozens of Time Step styles that exist, this DVD features some of the most well-known and most requested ones out there. While great for non-dancers and dancers alike,...

Walk and Kick

E013 Walking Exercise Instruction DVD - Walking Exercise-Workout Instruction DVD - Kick your workout into high gear with Interval Exercise. - Interval training really boosts that calorie burn, uses more major muscle groups and gets you to your weight-loss goals fast. - This 30-minute, high-energy walking workout adds short bursts of fun and easy kickboxing moves that make exercising anything but a little walk in the park. - After a quick warm-up,...

Cheerdance Workout

S004 Cheerleading Training DVD - Cheerleading Instructional DVD. This one of a kind instructional dance DVD has cross-over appeal fusing cheerleading and dance. - Not only will your cheerleading skills improve, but also youll build strength, flexibility and learn new skills. - This DVD, instructed and choreographed by four professional cheerleaders and dancers, features the best techniques and drills for producing sharp, crisp motions in your routines....

Finding Balance

Finding Balance Fitness Training and Health for a Lifetime in Dance - Gigi Berardi - Dance and Dance Related Books - Finding Balance: Fitness, Health, and Training for a Lifetime in Dance gives an overview of issues faced by all performing dancers: injury and treatment; technique and training; fitness; nutrition and diet; and career management.

All About Legs

E012 Tone Firm Instruction DVD - Tone and Firm Exercise-Workout Instruction DVD - This is leg and bun training at it's best. - All About Legs gives you four complete workouts training your lower half like never before. - Using the medicine ball, stability ball, tubing, or unique gliding technique you will be able to pick and choose just the right workout for you. - Variety is the key to training the legs and buns and variety is what you get with...

Cycle Foundations Interval

E003 Indoor Cycling Instruction DVD - Indoor Cycling Exercise and Workout DVD - Robert Sherman is president and owner of F.I.T., Inc., a corporation focusing on yoga, personal and athletic training. He is also a program developer and a Master Trainer for Reebok International, Ltd. Foundations. A 45 min spinning workout for everyone. - This is the cornerstone to understanding how to create Cycle Reebok workouts that are suitable for all fitness...

Tap with Ginger Beginner

D027 Tap Tapping Dance Lessons DVD - Tap Tapping Dancing Instruction. Recommended for public libraries and dance collections. Special-Features: Tap Dance Dictionary and Review lessons. This no frills, well-executed instructional is suggested for dancers at all levels. I live in New York, where all the kids in the so-called Beginner classes have had at least 1 to 3 years training. Beginners, ha. Well, there was no way I could enter, much less keep...

Ukulele for Kids 1

M030 Ukulele Lessons DVD - Ukulele Instructional DVD - Play in 10 easy lessons. - Marcy Marxer teaches the parts of the instrument, how to hold it and tune it up, and nine popular songs. - This excellent introduction to music covers finger coordination, ear training and basic theory. - Attractive on-screen graphics illustrate fingering for the five basic chords taught here. - Includes Book + Progress Chart. - Level 1 (ages 5-10). - DVD-All-Region...

Keys to Better Bowling

S002 Bowling Training DVD - Bowling Instructional DVD - Learn how to bowl your best game from two of the worlds top bowling coaches. - Fred Borden and Ken Yokobosky cover important bowling principles of benefit to all bowlers, regardless of experience. - Topics covered include equipment, delivery, the strike ball, making spares, adjusting to changing lane conditions, mastering the mental game, plus much more. - This comprehensive program will help...

Winning it All Cheers and Sidelines

S004 Cheerleading Training DVD - Cheerleading Instructional DVD. With Saleem Habash, 8X UCA National Championship Coach, former University of Kentucky Head Coach. - Learn original cheers and chants from the University of Kentucky Cheerleaders. - This video includes six cheers and 12 chants. - These cheers and chants are great for all levels of cheerleading. - All cheers and chants are clearly taught and demonstrated from the front and back so...

Fiddle Camp Back to Basics

M009 Fiddle Violin Lessons - Fiddle-Violin Instructional DVD - Mark OConnors Fiddle Camps attract hundreds of students from all over the world, and this video puts you in a center seat for his Back To Basics class. - He focuses on development of ear training and basic fiddle techniques, and analyzes three songs with phrase-by-phrase breakdowns Cotton Pickin Blues, Fishers Hornpipe, Skaters Waltz. - Includes booklet. - Level 1. - 60 mins. DVD-All-Region...

Chubby Hubby Better Husband

E001 Aerobics Instruction DVD - Aerobic Fitness and Workout Instruction DVD - If your husband is like mine, over the years he's exercising less and maybe gained some weight. - My husband hates to go to the gym and the thought of working out to my female-oriented workout videos is a big turn-off. - That's why I developed the Chubby Hubby Workout. - This DVD is designed specifically for the older guy who hasn't worked out in a while, to help ease...

Harmonic Ear Training

M017 Vocal Singing Lessons DVD - Vocal Instruction - Learn to Sing Instructional DVD - Author Roberta Radley. - An excellent workshop from the assistant chair of the Ear Training Department at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, this DVD is a vital intro to the topic for songwriters and performers looking to improve their listening skills and become better musicians. - Youll learn to recognize chord progressions quickly and confidently, and...

Tap Dance Made Easy 2

D027 Tap Tapping Dance Lessons DVD - Tap Tapping Dancing Instruction. How is Tap Dance Made Easy different than other dance exercise videos? Great for all ages: Many videos out there are either for adults or kids. As our user feedback reflects, this video is great for all ages, old and young. Lose weight without even realizing it: Join the many customers who have lost weight while working through the DVDs. Learning tap is so fun, you will be too busy...

Basic Pitching Baseball

S019 Baseball Training DVD - Baseball Instructional DVD - Becoming a good pitcher takes a certain amount of natural ability, hours and hours of hard work, and most of all a command of not just the strike zone, but of the basic points in the art of pitching. - In this Basic Pitching video, children will learn from baseball great Bud Black and will have an opportunity to practice drills and techniques to improve their game. - Basics include The...

Cardio Pump Hi-Lo

E001 Aerobics Instruction DVD - Aerobic Fitness and Workout Instruction DVD - This is one of Amys favorites. - If you are ready to move it, weve got your workout right here. - Make some space people...Amy will have you flying around the room like never before. This train of NRG comes through the station without stopping. - Calories are burning at a high rate and then suddenly, a plyometric move is introduced, bringing cardiovascular-anaerobic training...

Tae Bo Cardio Body Mind

E006 Kick Boxing Instruction DVD - Kickboxing Exercise-Workout Instruction DVD - For the millions of fans who have turned Tae Bo into a worldwide fitness revolution, this unique - and uniquely addictive - workout for mind, body, and spirit needs no introduction. - The only question was, When can we get more? The answer is now, and whether youre a long-time Tae Bo user, or joining Billy Blanks for the very first time, his brand-new workouts are sure...

Beginning Cheerleading

S004 Cheerleading Training DVD - Cheer Instructional DVD - Beginning Cheerleading - Brandy Corcoran. Learn the basics quickly and easily. This DVD has everything you need to be successful in cheerleading, whether as a cheerleader or coach. University of Oklahoma Coach Brandy Corcoran and the Sooner cheerleaders cover every aspect of beginning cheerleading, including: cheer basics, cheers and chants, stunt basics, jump basics, conditioning and exercises,...

Zydeco Dance A to Z

D005 Cajun Zydeco Dance Lessons DVD - Cajun Zydeco Dance Instruction. Good news for aspiring Zydeco Dancers. Zydeco Dance From A to Z has just been released. Zydeco is an infectious accordion-driven dance music of the Creole and African-American communities of southwest Louisiana and gulf coast Texas. This is a Zydeco dance instructional DVD that brings together the time-proven videos, Learn to Zydeco Dance Tonite and Advanced Zydeco Dance, into one...

Hula Workout Weight Loss

D008 Dance Fitness Workout DVD - Join Kili on the beautiful beaches of Hawaii and experience an innovative Hula Workout for Weight Loss. Kili has designed this program to allow the you to learn a choreographed hula dance combined with an aerobic workout. This uniquely designed program combines hula and fitness to target your heart rate and speed up your metabolism. Combined with a healthy diet, Hula Fitness for Weight Loss is a great form of exercise...

Bellydance Fitness for Beginners

D003 Bellydance Lessons DVD - Belly Dancing Instruction. Bellydance Fitness for Beginners Basic Moves and Fat Burning - Veena Bidasha, Neena Bidasha. This dvd is about Basic Moves - in this production, you will learn the basic moves need to use bellydance for fitness. The program is easy to learn, will thoroughly exercise your body - from head to toes, but it is low impact, relaxing, senually stimulating and fun. You will find that the Bellydance...

Beginning Tumbling

S008 Gymnastics Training DVD - Gymnastics Instructional DVD – The Mulvilhill System - The Foundation of Gymnastic Excellence Beginning Tumbling. Used to train Olympians and National Champions. Easy planned progressions that focus on pace, body posture, and increasing strength and flexibility. Tumbling is one of the most important foundation activities for success in gymnastics at all levels. safe progessions for step by step development. Easy to...

Basic Hitting Baseball

S019 Baseball Training DVD - Baseball Instructional DVD - Being a good hitter takes years of dedication, excellent vision, hand eye coordination, and more than anything, determination. - In this Basic Hitting program, all the fundamental skills are covered that are needed to be a successful batter as well as practice drills to keep them sharp all year long. - Basics include Choosing the Right Equipment; Proper Grip; Swing; Body Position; Bunting;...

Basic Fielding Baseball

S019 Baseball Training DVD - Baseball Instructional DVD - Understanding the positions on the baseball field is as important as hitting or pitching. - Good field tactics and defensive strategies are more than simply catching and throwing the ball. - Your coach Rex Wonder Dog Hudler will cover these points and more in this Basic Fielding program. - Basics include Choosing, Breaking in and Caring for your Glove; Proper Body Position for Fielding...

Ballet Beyond Tradition

Ballet Beyond Tradition - Anna Paskevska - Dance and Dance Related Books - For nearly a century, the training of ballet and modern dancers has followed two divergent paths. Modern practitioners felt ballet was artificial and injurious to the body; ballet teachers felt that modern dancers lacked the rigorous discipline and control that comes only from years of progressive training.

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E014 Weight Training Instructional DVD
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