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E005 Karate Martial Arts Instructional DVD
Learn to dance at home using instructional videos. Dancing for beginner through advanced, easy to learn popular and classic dance moves for home or club.
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E005 Karate Martial Arts Instructional DVD

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E005 Karate Martial Arts Instructional DVD

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Ballet Class Victor Kabaniaev

D001 Ballet Class Lessons DVD - Ballet Dancing Instruction. Ballet Class Victor Kabaniaev A complete 60min ballet class workout beg-adv levels. Russian Vaganova school techniques. Beautiful music and talent of one of the best Russian ballet master will lead you through the perfect routine that will help you to achieve your goals. Easy to follow workout, similar to a real ballet class flow (no interruptions or pauses). Viktor Kabaniaev was trained...

The Ballets Russes World

The Ballets Russes and Its World - Ms Lynn Garafola - Dance and Dance Related Books - Diaghilevs Ballets Russes (1909-1929) left its mark on virtually every aspect of the fine and performing arts in the West. The artists who worked with the Ballets Russes -- among them Stravinsky, Picasso, Matisse, Nijinsky, Prokofiev, and Balanchine -- made the company a force in defining the avant-garde in the early part of the century.

Teaching Children Dance 3rd

Teaching Children Dance 3rd Edition - Theresa Purcell Cone, PhD - Dance and Dance Related Books - Teaching Children Dance, Third Edition, assists both student learners and practitioners in understanding the components and benefits of childrens dance and in developing the skills required for enhancing or initiating dance as part of a physical education or arts education curriculum.

Digital Performance

Digital Performance A History of New Media in Theater Dance Performance Art and Installation - Steve Dixon - Dance and Dance Related Books - The past decade has seen an extraordinarily intense period of experimentation with computer technology within the performing arts. Digital media has been increasingly incorporated into live theater and dance, and new forms of interactive performance have emerged in participatory installations, on CD-ROM, and...

Jig Irish Dancing

Brogan McCay (Actor), Julia O Rourke (Actor), Sue Bourne (Director) - Jig Irish Dancing World Championship - Dance Performance DVD - JIG is the remarkable story of the fortieth Irish Dancing World Championships, held in March 2010 in Glasgow. Three thousand dancers, their families and teachers from around the globe descend upon Glasgow for one drama filled week. Clad in wigs, make up, fake tan, diamantes and dresses costing thousands of pounds they...

My First Pointe Shoes

D001 Ballet Class Lessons DVD - Ballet Dancing Instruction. Join Ballerina Michelle Benash for your very first Pointe Lesson. Learn how to fit, sew and prepare your shoes before you begin. Then follow along as Michelle teaches you a barre, center exercises and a lovely variation for the beginner student. Makes a great gift for the aspiring Ballerina of today. Michelle Benash teaches Ballet at the famous High School For The Performing Arts in New York...

Kickbox Boot Camp

E006 Kickboxing Instruction DVD - Kick Box Training. Non-stop cross training plus core. - Warm-up (5 min.) - KickBox Boot Camp. Athletic moves incorporating the step, intervaled with athletic drills, kicks, and punches plus strength moves using the Body Bar, hand weights and stability moves. (38 min.) - Core Training and stretch. (16 min.) - Kimberly is an all-around Fitness Pro a Personal Trainer, Master Instructor and Wellness Consultant. She...

Total Cardio Mix

E001 Aerobics Instruction DVD - Aerobic Fitness and Workout Instruction DVD - Dance away calories one minute....kick off pounds the next. - Tight on time? This DVD contains 2 of the most popular QuickFix workout titles, Cardio Hip-Hop and Total Cardio Kick. - Its broken up into 10 minute segments, so you can mix and match the actions to create a workout based on the time you have and the zones you want to target. - With these two heart pumping,...

Joy of Uke Volume 1

M030 Ukulele Lessons DVD - Ukulele Instructional DVD - With special guests Travis Harrelson, Poncie Ponce and Ian Whitcomb - Heres a video for anyone who loves the uke. Its instructional, entertaining and educational all at once. - Jim Beloff teaches the basics, showing the strums and bringing the starting player quickly from the simplest songs to old-time pop standards. - Guest strummers perform and demonstrate their techniques, and, as an added...

Technique Class 5 Issaev

Vladimir Issaev (Artist, Conductor), Maria Eugenia Del Frade (Artist, Performer) - Ballet Music for Ballet Masters Ballet Technique Class Vol 5 Vladimir Issaev - Ballet Dance Class Music - Ballet Master and Choreographer, Vladimir Issaev brings this new Ballet Class CD played by Cuban Pianist Maria Eugenia Del Frade. The CD contains Barre and certer exercises appropriate for any level from Beginners to Professionals. All pieces were carefully selected...

50 Licks Jazz Style Guitar

M026 Jazz Guitar Lessons DVD - Electric - Acoustic Guitar Instructional DVD - Learn licks, turnarounds, bebop lines and more. - Musicians Institute instructor Bruce Buckingham demonstrates the essential licks for the chords and progressions common to jazz II-V-I licks, turnaround licks, chromatic bebop lines, licks for altered chords and major and minor vamps, and more. - He illustrates these licks in several styles, such as swing, bossa nova, samba,...

Ds Hip-Hop City Style

D004 HipHop Breakdance Lessons DVD - Hip Hop Break Dancing Instruction. With Gregory Hines as your host, songs by Ms. Jade, clothes by FUBU, and DJ MAX spinning, you can't pack anymore excitement into one video. The video begins with a warm-up and then breaks down four hot hip-hop routines, step by step and puts them together into an awesome performance piece - perfect for recitals and classes. You'll also see shots of break-dancers, bucket drummers...

Tango With Federico

D002 Ballroom Dance Lessons DVD - Ballroom Latin Dancing Instruction. Federico's style is the antithesis of ball room dancing. His instructional DVDs are to teach tango as true lead-follow dancing as contrasted to choreographed, ball room style. Yes, this includes building blocks of steps, but no, he does not teach routines. Following his style of teaching, couples whom prior had never danced together would look like old partners on the dance floor....

Grupo Corpo

Grupo Corpo - Grupo Corpo Brazilian Dance Theatre - Dance Performance DVD - The 19-member Grupo Corpo, Brazil's most popular contemporary dance ensemble, constructs adventurous feasts for the senses. From classical to modern, the dancing and choreography here is pure virtuosity. The dancers are technically superb and in perfect physical condition. The Brazilian influence is only very slight and what is very obvious is a solid classical ballet foundation,...

9 Minute Baseball Practice

S019 Baseball Training DVD - Baseball Instructional DVD - An innovative instructional video, this program was made to help coaches and parents run a productive, efficient youth baseball practice in just under an hour. - Coach Marty Schupak has drawn on his 12 years experience to develop a highly effective practice routine. - Video highlights Over 30 creative easy to follow drills; how to run a practice when no field is available; hitting and batting...

Flamenco You Can Do It

D002 Ballroom Dance Lessons DVD - A native Spaniard, Flamenco dancer and teacher Puela Lunaris grew up in the ruins of an ancient Moorish castle in Southwestern Spain. Hers was a childhood immersed in the traditional Flamenco culture. A disciple of the legendary Maestro El Farruco, Puela Lunaris is an acclaimed flamenco teacher, performer, lecturer and choreographer. She has taught throughout Spain at at such prestigious venues as Peter Gabriels W.O.M.A.D....

Immersion Swimming BetterFly

E002 Swimming Instruction DVD - Aquatic-Swimming Instruction DVD - BetterFly for Every Body ? One of swimming's most challenging strokes, the Butterfly, is given the Total Immersion instructional treatment in this DVD. - After 40 years as mainly a freestyle swimmer, Total Immersion founder Terry Laughlin decided to transform himself into a complete swimmer at age 55 and the all-new drill sequences he developed in the process are illustrated in BetterFly...

Salsa With Silvia

D002 Ballroom Dance Lessons DVD - Salsa With Silvia Instructional Dance DVD - Beginner Level. You are here because you want to learn how to dance salsa. And this is exactly what Silvia will help you do. Salsa is one of the most popular dances around the world today and if you go through the instructional DVD with your salsa instructor Silvia, you'll be ready to go out dancing, meet people, have fun and even show off... In this DVD professional teacher...

Immersion Swimming Backstroke

E002 Swimming Instruction DVD - Aquatic-Swimming Instruction DVD - Backstroke for Every Body - Learn the best techniques for learning ? or improving ? your mastery of the backstroke with this unique instructional DVD. - After 40 years as mainly a freestyle swimmer, Total Immersion founder Terry Laughlin decided to transform himself into a complete swimmer at age 55 and the all-new drill sequences he developed in the process are illustrated in Backstroke...

Striptease for Real Women

D011 Exotic Erotic Dance Lessons DVD - Exotic Dancing Instruction. Susan Bremer has become an inspiration and role model for thousands of women wanting to understand, take control of and feel good about their bodies and sensuality. After twelve years working as a qualified laser technician at Lawrence Livermore Laboratories and in private industry, Susan left to focus on her own emerging theories about human sensuality and self-esteem in women. Drawing...

Flamenco is Hot

D002 Ballroom Dance Lessons DVD - Campanilleros, featuring Puela Lunaris. Beginner flamenco classes, Flamenco dance instruction, Learn flamenco dance. Puela Lunaris' program on this DVD presents two campanilleros choreographies, each with a detailed step-by-step breakdown, plus performances in full costume. The first choreography teaches the original pure feminine style of dancing Flamenco: Baile Puro de Mujer. Sensual arms, exotic hand gestures,...

Vol 1 Marina Stolyar

Marina Stolyar (Composer, Performer), Vladimir Issaev (Performer) - Ballet Technique Class Vol 1 Marina Stolyar - Ballet Dance Class Music - VLADIMIR ISSAEV Graduated with honors as Ballet Master Choreographer at the prestigious GITIS Institute of Arts in Moscow, having trained in the Vaganova Method by the most important teachers of the former Soviet Union. Previously he graduated as a professional dancer in Voronezh. Later on, he danced at the Odessa...

Cheerdance Workout

S004 Cheerleading Training DVD - Cheerleading Instructional DVD. This one of a kind instructional dance DVD has cross-over appeal fusing cheerleading and dance. - Not only will your cheerleading skills improve, but also youll build strength, flexibility and learn new skills. - This DVD, instructed and choreographed by four professional cheerleaders and dancers, features the best techniques and drills for producing sharp, crisp motions in your routines....

Hip Hop Dance Fuzion

D004 HipHop Breakdance Lessons DVD - Hip Hop Break Dancing Instruction. Hip Hop Fuzion with Gregg Russell is a high-energy DVD that breaks down the basics of break dancing and fuzes together todays latest Hip Hop and funk moves. Gregg Russell playfully gets you in the groove with his warm-up, and then carefully breaks down several hip hop and break combos for all levels. Gregg then showcases his versatility and passion in an extra long, smooth routine...

Swing Dancing

D026 Swing Dance Lessons DVD - Swing Dancing Instruction. The cultural effect of the revival of Swing Dancing has been sudden and intense. It is now a common sight at dance clubs across the country to see hep cats in their black and white spectator shoes and zoot suits out on the dance floor swirling and twirling their bobby-socked dance partners. Now you can join in all the excitement and learn to master the techniques of Swing dancing with ballroom...

Stars of Russian Ballet

Galina Ulanova, Konstantin Sergeyev, Natalya Dudinskaya, V. Bakanov, Pyotr Gussyev - Stars of the Russian Ballet Plisetskaya Ulanova Chabukiani Dudinskaya Sergeyev Gusev Bolshoi Ballet - Dance Performance DVD - The three selections on this DVD give us a glimpse of the magnificent talent that was hidden behind the Iron Curtain in the early 1950's. Fortunately, the film maker Gebbert Rappaport thought to preserve some of the work of these phenomenal...

Ballet 101 A Beginners Class

D001 Ballet Class Lessons DVD - Ballet Dancing Instruction. Join a School of Dance with a Little Class. Bring a beginning ballet class right into the privacy of your living room with Ballet 101, A Beginner's Class. Ballet 101 is a simple, stress free and informative session that challenges both adults and children who wish to be introduced to the world of the arts. Dancers are taken on a step-by-step journey that begins with preparation and warm-up,...

hi-NRG Tap Dance

D027 Tap Tapping Dance Lessons DVD - Tap Tapping Dancing Instruction. Gregg Russell brings to tap an eclectic mix of style including hip-hop, jazz and lyrical along with a traditional base, reminiscent of Gene Kelly and the Nicholas Brothers. It is a joy to watch him dance. Gregg Russell is an Emmy nominated choreographer, whos credits include a commercial for Carvel Ice Cream and choreographer for the CBS soap opera Bold and the Beautiful . He danced...

Winning it All Cheers and Sidelines

S004 Cheerleading Training DVD - Cheerleading Instructional DVD. With Saleem Habash, 8X UCA National Championship Coach, former University of Kentucky Head Coach. - Learn original cheers and chants from the University of Kentucky Cheerleaders. - This video includes six cheers and 12 chants. - These cheers and chants are great for all levels of cheerleading. - All cheers and chants are clearly taught and demonstrated from the front and back so...

Ballet 201 Beyond the Basics

D001 Ballet Class Lessons DVD - Ballet Dancing Instruction. Ballet 201, Beyond the Basics is an informative class that picks up right where Ballet 101, A Beginner's Class leaves off. Adults and children, who already know the basics of ballet, start with stretching and warm-up. They are then guided through a quick review of the barre basics, and lead right into the instruction and demonstration of more advanced moves off of the barre. The instruction...

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E005 Karate Martial Arts Instructional DVD
And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music. -Friedrich Nietzsche
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