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D026 Swing Dance Lessons DVD
Learn to dance at home using instructional videos. Dancing for beginner through advanced, easy to learn popular and classic dance moves for home or club.
And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music. -Friedrich Nietzsche
D026 Swing Dance Lessons DVD

One's mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regain sits original dimensions. -Oliver Wendel Holmes
D026 Swing Dance Lessons DVD

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You Can Dance Mambo

D002 Ballroom Dance Lessons DVD - The wild and irresistible beat of the Mambo arrived from Cuba in the 1950s, and has caught on again today. Once you learn the sultry Cuban motion, you can let it loose and express yourself with the exciting Mambo. Beginning ballroom dancers are typically introduced to 6 dances: Swing, Tango, Waltz, Rhumba, Foxtrot and Cha Cha. When starting to go to ballroom dance parties, however, they have to leave the floor when...

Dancing for Kids

D016 Kids Childrens Dance Lessons DVD - Kids Childrens Dancing Instruction. Dancing for Kids Baby Ballet-Tot Tap-Junior Jazz. Budding ballerinas ages 4 to 6 receive a thorough introduction to ballet at the tutelage of Miss Rosemary Boross in Baby Ballet. The program features Rosemary Boross, a student helper, and a small class of preschool age dancers as they explore the basics of warming up at the barre, stretching, center work, dancing across the...

Wedding Dance Deluxe System

D028 Wedding Dance Lessons DVD - 2 disc set. is one of the worlds premier dancing websites. Founded in 1996, as, DanceCrazy was born of a passion to dance, and a desire to show others how fantastic dancing can be. As our first instructor told us, it will change your life. Give dancing a try, and youll find a vibrant world of fantastic people, exciting nightlife, and perhaps a side of yourself youve always wanted to set...

Line Dance 101

D007 Country Dance Lessons DVD - Country Dancing Instruction. Line Dance 101 is the absolute starting point for anyone wanting to get into Line Dancing. Line Dance 101 is truly a must-see for beginners and is the first of six excellent Line Dance DVDs in Shawn Trautman's Dance Collection ( In this DVD, Shawn quickly and easily takes you through several different dances, step-by-step in an order that makes sense, and at a pace set...

Lindy Hop Rusty Peter 1

D017 Lindy Hop Dance Lessons DVD - Learn to Lindy Hop. Rusty Frank and Peter Flahiff, Swing Shift, bring to you the same easy-going, in-depth style that they used to successfully teach thousands of students around the world. This series will get you dancing in no time. Most importantly, you will learn the skills you need to dance with Lindy Hoppers world-wide, whether you are in your home town or find yourself in Stockholm or Singapore. As Lindy Hopping...

Basic Hitting Baseball

S019 Baseball Training DVD - Baseball Instructional DVD - Being a good hitter takes years of dedication, excellent vision, hand eye coordination, and more than anything, determination. - In this Basic Hitting program, all the fundamental skills are covered that are needed to be a successful batter as well as practice drills to keep them sharp all year long. - Basics include Choosing the Right Equipment; Proper Grip; Swing; Body Position; Bunting;...

Ultimate Lindy Hop 1

D017 Lindy Hop Dance Lessons DVD - Dan Newsome has been a professional dancer, dj, historian and teacher for over 10 years. He is known as both a preservationist and a creative force in Lindy Hop, Aerial Dance, Blues, and Tap. In addition to teaching thousands of students at Denvers Mercury Cafe, he has traveled the world to learn, teach, and compete. Giselle Anguizola is a professional jazz dancer and teacher. She is dedicated to the preservation...

Partner Dancing 101

D007 Country Dance Lessons DVD - This DVD will reveal the easy to learn dance moves that will show you how to dance in any type of social situation, to any type of music, and will show you how to impress everyone around you as you just dance the night away, without ever worrying about your dance moves again. Instead of spending hours learning complicated and formal dances like Ballroom or Tango or the Waltz, our proven teaching method reveals separate...

Intro to Ballroom Dancing

D002 Ballroom Dance Lessons DVD - Ballroom Latin Dancing Instruction. Dance your way to fun and fitness with the exciting Introduction to Ballroom Dancing. Now you can learn the Swing, Rumba, Cha-Cha, Waltz and Fox Trot right at home. Margot Scholz is truely one of the great ballroom teachers. Everybody should take a lesson with Margot just to see how expertly she spots problems and how fast she can fix them. Anybody who takes a lesson with Margot...

Bellydance for Romance

D003 Bellydance Lessons DVD - Belly Dancing Instruction. Bellydance artist Jayna brings passion, playfulness and sexiness to her dance routines. A second-generation bellydancer, she has performed as a solo artist and with bellydance troupes nationwide. Jayna has created a unique dance program that uses a light-hearted, flirtatious approach, and benefits all ages, body shapes and abilities. With Jayna as your guide, feel more self-confident and assured...

Latin Jazz and Intro Partnering

D002 Ballroom Dance Lessons DVD - Maria Torres has worked extensively in Theatre, Film, TV and Video. As a performer, she starred in the Broadway Show Swing and was featured in the film Dance with Me. Maria choreographed the off-Broadway shows The Donkey Show, 4 Guys named Jose, Latin Heat and Best of Both Worlds. Other projects include:NBC Radio City Gala, Jay Leno with Lou BEGA, HBO, Burger King, Enrique Iglesias Bailamos video, DLG No Morira and...

Tap Glide Tap Dance

D027 Tap Tapping Dance Lessons DVD - Mark Goodman has been fortunate enough to perform with the greats of the tap world: Savion Glover, Honi Coles, Buster Brown and the late, great Gregory Hines, to name a few. In addition, he danced with The American Tap Dance Orchestra with Brenda Bufalino. His theatrical credits include 42nd Street, No No Nanette, Sophisticated Ladies, Anything Goes, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, and Sugar Babies....

Ballroom Absolute Beginners

D002 Ballroom Dance Lessons DVD - Ballroom Latin Dancing Instruction. 2 disc set. Cure your two left feet and learn from the champions. Learn to for fun, Fitness or Romance. Imagine being able to Waltz at a Wedding; Foxtrot to a live Jazz or Big Band; or even get up and Tango, Cha Cha or Salsa at a Latin Club. Absolute Beginners can finally cure their two left feet with simple and easy-to-learn instruction in the comfort of their own home. Learn from...


Dimitri A. Arnaoutov, Rene Bazinet, Ann Bernard, Pawel Biegaj, Witek Biegaj - Cirque du Soleil Saltimbanco - Dance Performance DVD - Saltimbanco is a celebration of life in which an international troupe of more than fifty performers ranging from 8 to 45 years of age defy gravity and dazzle with their artistry. A panoply of acts in which top-notch acrobatics are executed with masterly beauty, hand-balancing, double trapeze, double tightrope, Chinese...

Step By Step Ballroom Dances

D002 Ballroom Dance Lessons DVD - The DVD covers six different ballroom dances: Tango, Rhumba, Swing, Foxtrot, Waltz and Cha Cha (listed in that order on the DVD menu, although it is easier to start with the simpler dances, such as the Waltz or Foxtrot to get started). Each of the dances is illustrated with an opening sequence showing the dance and several variations. Then each dance is performed by both the male and female dancer, then together....

Musical Theatre Dance

D020 Musical Theater Dance Lessons DVD - Musical Theater Dancing Instruction. Instructor Christopher Gattelli recently won the TONY Award for choreography for the hit Broadway show, Disneys Newsies. His other Broadway choreographer credits include: Godspell, South Pacific, 13 The Musical, Martin Short: Fame Becomes Me, The Ritz with Rose Perez, High Fidelity and Sunday In The Park With George. Off-Broadway he choreographed the smash hit Altar Boyz,...

Golf How to Break Par

S007 Golf Training DVD - Golf Instructional DVD - Join AJ Bonar as he covers the essential shots that you will need to improve your golf game and finally break par. - He shares many important swing concepts and tips that will help golfers of all skill levels. - Among the topics covered are how to master the driver and put the ball in the fairway, a variety of short pitch shots near the green that will enable you to consistently save par, longer...

Dances of 50s 60s 70s 80s

D021 Oldies Dance Lessons DVD - Oldies Dancing Instruction. If you always wanted to shine on the dance floor doing the dances of the 50's and 60's, this video is for you. Christy Lane takes you through the following popular dances of the 1950's: Swing, Stroll, Madison, Bunny Hop, Conga and Hand Jive. For the 1960's part of this video, you'll learn the: Twist, Jerk, Monkey, Pony, Swim, Mashed Potato, Skate, Hitchhiker, Egyptian, Shimmy, Temptation...

Latin Style Technique Ladies

D002 Ballroom Dance Lessons DVD - Latin Style and Technique for Ladies For Salsa and All Latin Dances. In 1989, Josie graduated with a Bachelors degree in DANCE and entered the ballroom-Latin field as a teacher for a private studio where she trained daily and began teaching and competing as a professional in International Latin dance. Entering a Toronto Latin club, for the first time in 1990, Josie fell in love with Salsa. In 1993, she relocated to...

Better Golf for Kids

S007 Golf Training DVD - Golf Instructional DVD. Let your child grow into a professional golfer in this fun and entertaining instructional DVD. - Golf pro and junior golf educator, James Pugliese, uses his unique teaching method to introduce the basics of golf. - The DVD includes an engaging quiz to reinforce the fundamentals of golf and debuts a brand new animated character. - This DVD covers all the basic lessons of golf Safety, rules and etiquette;...

Bowling fun fundamentals

S002 Bowling Training DVD - Bowling Instructional DVD. Bowling is fun. - When you start knocking down more pins and bowl a higher score it becomes even more enjoyable. - In this entertaining and informative DVD, coaches Fred Borden and Ken Yokobosky teach a group of young bowlers everything they need to know to excel at the game. - Topics covered include equipment, rules and etiquette, the four-step approach, arm swing, finish position, the release,...

10 Minute Dance off Fat

D008 Dance Fitness Workout DVD - No time to Exercise? We have the solution for you - the 10 Minute solution. Everyone can find at least ten minutes in their day and we've devleloped five fun dance workouts that are just 10 minutes each. the easy to follow workouts will blast off calories and slim down your entire body. Compact and ultra efficient, you can split these routines into five separate workouts or use the easy programmability function to...

Mad Hot Ballroom

Heather Berman (Actor), Emma Therese Biegacki (Actor), Marilyn Agrelo (Director) - Mad Hot Ballroom - Dance Performance DVD - Eleven-year-old New York City public school kids journey into the world of ballroom dancing and reveal pieces of themselves and their world along the way. Told from their candid, sometimes hilarious perspectives, these kids are transformed, from reluctant participants to determined competitors, from typical urban kids to ladies...

African Beat Latin Heat

D008 Dance Fitness Workout DVD - Award-winning choreographer, MaDonna Grimes, is renowned for her innovative dance moves. She founded the MaDonna Grimes Fitness and Dance Theatre Company, has released a CD, and is the author of Work It Out. She has a master's degree in dance performance and choreography, and has appeared in many fitness and fashion magazines. Elevate your heart rate in this high-energy workout that moves and grooves. African Beat...

Ultimate Lindy Hop 3

D017 Lindy Hop Dance Lessons DVD - Dan Newsome has been a professional dancer, dj, historian and teacher for over 10 years. He is known as both a preservationist and a creative force in Lindy Hop, Aerial Dance, Blues, and Tap. In addition to teaching thousands of students at Denvers Mercury Cafe, he has traveled the world to learn, teach, and compete. Giselle Anguizola is a professional jazz dancer and teacher. She is dedicated to the preservation...

Party Line Dances

D007 Country Dance Lessons DVD - Country Dancing Instruction. No dance experience necessary. Party Line Dances is the ideal crash course for anyone getting ready for a party, wedding, bar mitzvah, New Year's celebration, or even a night out at a country night club. Shawn Trautman's easy to follow lessons take you from never having danced before to looking good on the floor in just minutes. Dance along with Shawn and master the Electric Slide, Cotton...

Tap Dance Made Easy 5

D027 Tap Tapping Dance Lessons DVD - Instructor Eli Newsom is the creator of the top-rated Tap Dance Made Easy DVD Series and Video PodClass. He has taught tap dance classes in San Francisco and New York City, where he currently resides. He has studied with some of the best tap instructors in the United States, and specializes in teaching tap to beginners with no previous experience, and to dancers-performers with previous experience who want to improve...

Play Better Baseball

S019 Baseball Training DVD - Baseball Instructional DVD - This program, featuring instruction by former University of Arizona Head Coach Jerry Stitt, provides progressive step-by-step instruction for throwing, fielding and hitting fundamentals. - Part one covers gripping the baseball, throwing progressions, and proper technique and footwork . - It includes some movement and throwing drills which will help players to master this often neglected part...

Hot Country Dancing Couples

D007 Country Dance Lessons DVD - Country Dancing Instruction. Filmed and released in 2005, Hot Country Dancing for Couples is one of Shawn and Joanna Trautman's earliest Country Dance Lessons DVDs. If you are interested in Country Dancing, but are looking for great practice music, updated dance steps, and improved production quality, check out Shawn and Joanna's newest country dance DVDs: Country Dance 101 and Couples Line Dancing 101. Both of these...

Lester Horton Advanced Beginners

D018 Modern Dance Lessons DVD - Modern Dancing Instruction. The first video class that teaches the legendary Lester Horton technique. This Advanced Beginners class was created to show how the Horton studies can be incorporated and taught within a class. The class is based on the book The Dance Technique of Lester Horton by Marjorie Perces, Ana Marie Forsythe and Cheryl Bell. The class contains: THE WARM UP with Ana Marie Forsythe, Round Over and Round...

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D026 Swing Dance Lessons DVD
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