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D008 Dance Fitness Workout DVD
Learn to dance at home using instructional videos. Dancing for beginner through advanced, easy to learn popular and classic dance moves for home or club.
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D008 Dance Fitness Workout DVD

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D008 Dance Fitness Workout DVD

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You Can Do Abs

E017 Fitness Ball Instruction DVD - Fitness-Stability Ball Instruction DVD - In this series, Leslie shows that you can do the latest fitness programs, offering a fun and fast way to get up to speed on current health, wellness, and fitness programs...without overwhelming you. - Leslie teaches you the most effective ways to use your stability ball, plus three different workouts that will add variety and results. - By using this video 2-3 times...

Artistry Of Fitness

D008 Dance Fitness Workout DVD - Dance Fitness Instruction. Stephanie Herman - Fitness though conscious movement - 36 min Mixed music, mostly light, some nicer tempos. Stephanie on small black stage with a student. Very slow paced, easy ballet movements that work on fine tuning your movements to add grace, balance, coordination and body awareness. There are some kicks, but they are done slowly to work on balance alone, not power-cardio. This is for...

Mat Workout

E007 Pilates Instruction DVD - Pilates Instruction DVD - From the host of the enormously popular ESPN-TV fitness program GETTING FIT WITH DENISE AUSTIN and consultant to the Presidents Council on Physical Fitness comes two 20 minute mat workouts based on the total-body techniques of J.H. Pilates. - For all ages and fitness levels. - DVD includes A New Hip, Thighs and Buttock Workout; Healthy Recipes; A Pilates Method Poses segment where consumers...

Dance Off the Pounds

D008 Dance Fitness Workout DVD - Each season, audiences watch in amazement as stars shrink down and shape up on ABC's DANCING WITH THE STARS. Now you can share their weight-loss success and dance off the pounds with three different cardio dance routines?Swing, Jive and Quickstep?led by pro dancers Kym, Lacey and Dmitry. Each routine gets your body warmed-up with the signature moves of the featured dances before progressively adding on to create complete,...

Fat Burning Dance Mix

D008 Dance Fitness Workout DVD - Dance Fitness Instruction. It's no secret, dancers have fantastic bodies - now you can too. FAT-BURNING DANCE MIX blends the hottest body-slimming dance moves to help you lose weight and shape a smoldering, sexy body. With her infectious energy, Denise Austin will have you twisting, jumping and bumping your way to a leaner, more confident you. And with four exciting, fat-burning dance routines to choose from, you can...

Chair Aerobics Salsa

D008 Dance Fitness Workout DVD - Chair Salsa, from the Chair Aerobics For Everyone Series is a safe, effective seated workout for men and women of all ages and fitness levels. Chair Salsa is a full body cardio work out with a fun Latin flair. Instructor, David Stamp takes you through a warm up followed by several seated combinations, including the Cha Cha. This motivational exercise video will help burn fat and lose inches without putting stress on...

Get Fit Cardio funk

D008 Dance Fitness Workout DVD - Three different styles of dance routines (hip hop, contemporary, and disco), you can pick one or do all three, and there are separate chapters for the instructions to learn the routines that you can skip and go straight to the workouts after you get them down. Learning the steps is nice and slow, and easy to follow or repeat if you get lost. Then in the workouts they start with doing the routine counting, and get faster,...

Biggest Loser Workout 2

E001 Aerobics Instruction DVD - Aerobic Fitness and Workout Instruction DVD - In this stepped up Volume 2 version of The Biggest Loser The Workout you will be able to maximize your weight loss efforts in minimum time with The Biggest Loser trainers Bob Harper and Kim Lyons, and six contestants from seasons two and three of the NBC hit show. - No matter what your fitness level, this no-gimmicks program will give you the tools and motivation needed...

Salsacise Made Simple

D008 Dance Fitness Workout DVD - Salsacise. Made Simple - Truly for BEGINNERS. Learn the Basics of Latin and Salsa Dancing and Get A fun Workout. Salsacise. Made Simple is a fun and easy to follow 60-minute Salsa and Latin Dance Cardio Workout DVD for Beginners. This is the right dance-exercise DVD for you if you are intrigued by salsa dancing, but would like a non-intimidating style of instruction and a complete fitness workout with warm-up and stretch,...

Dance Off Inches Salsa

D008 Dance Fitness Workout DVD - Getting Fit Doesnt Have To Feel Like Work. Anyone can dance off the inches weve made it easy. Just 10 moves are all you need to dance this sizzling routine and well show you how. No matter what your age or fitness level, you can have a great time. Sizzling Salsa is one of the latest offerings from the Dance Off the Inches series, which has produced fun, generally easy-to-follow dance workouts. This one is led by Stella...

Chubby Hubby Better Husband

E001 Aerobics Instruction DVD - Aerobic Fitness and Workout Instruction DVD - If your husband is like mine, over the years he's exercising less and maybe gained some weight. - My husband hates to go to the gym and the thought of working out to my female-oriented workout videos is a big turn-off. - That's why I developed the Chubby Hubby Workout. - This DVD is designed specifically for the older guy who hasn't worked out in a while, to help ease...

Crunch Latin Rhythms

D008 Dance Fitness Workout DVD - Welcome to CRUNCH Fitness. If you're looking to slim and trim your body with a workout that doesn't feel like work, then Latin Rhythms is for you. This hot Latin dance will help you burn up the dance floor while you torch major calories. Drawing inspiration from several types of Latin dance like the mambo, Cha Cha, merengue, and samba, this routine will have you feeling the heat in no time. So clear the floor, and...

Biggest Loser Workout

E001 Aerobics Instruction DVD - Aerobic Fitness and Workout Instruction DVD - Adapted from NBC's Hit Show, featuring Bob Harper and contestants from Seasons 1 and 2. - This DVD Features customized workout with 6 routines to choose from - Warm-up (5 min.); Low-Intensity Workout (25 min.); High-Intensity Workout (20 min.); Strength and Sculpt (20 min.); Boot Camp (20 min.); Stretch (10 min.). - It also includes an inspirational segment from the cast....

10 Minute Latin Dance

D008 Dance Fitness Workout DVD - No time to exercise? We have the solution for you the 10 Minute Solution. Everyone can find at least ten minutes in their day, and we ve developed 5 hot Latin dance workouts that are just 10 minutes each. The workouts will slim your whole body while you have fun. Compact and ultraefficient, these workouts fit into even the busiest of schedules. Split them into 5 separate workouts or do them all together for one amazing,...

Hula Workout Weight Loss

D008 Dance Fitness Workout DVD - Join Kili on the beautiful beaches of Hawaii and experience an innovative Hula Workout for Weight Loss. Kili has designed this program to allow the you to learn a choreographed hula dance combined with an aerobic workout. This uniquely designed program combines hula and fitness to target your heart rate and speed up your metabolism. Combined with a healthy diet, Hula Fitness for Weight Loss is a great form of exercise...

Cardio Camp Workout

E001 Aerobics Instruction DVD - Aerobic Fitness and Workout Instruction DVD - The DVD has multiple options for different length of workouts and for combining both workouts which gives you more options for optimal fitness results. - Warm-up (6 min.) An all new mix of Hi-Low aerobics, Bootcamp and Kickbox choreography for the ultimate challenge (45 min.) - Cool-Down, Butt-Legs and Stretch (15 min.) - Kimberly Spreen is an all-around Fitness Professional,...

Rockin Models Workout

D008 Dance Fitness Workout DVD - Look like a Model, Feel like a Dancer and Workout with a Rockstar. Celebrity trainer Grace Lazenby has sculpted the dream workout for every woman. Get long, lean and sexy with Rockin Models. The ultimate Entertainment Workout that is addicting and results oriented. This 65 minute full body workout including Yoga-Ballet Barre with a dash of Burlesque will transform your body in just 2 weeks. Lazenby is famous for her...

Gilad Ultimate Body Sculpt

E001 Aerobics Instruction DVD - Aerobic Fitness and Workout Instruction DVD - The Power and Grace workout is designed to dramatically improve your athletic abilities. - In it Gilad helps you increase your strength, speed and stamina through a combination of plyometric, isometric and functional moves. - Gilad's Ultimate Body Sculpt home video workouts are being called the best workout videos ever made. The workout principal and style is based on...

Just Dance

D008 Dance Fitness Workout DVD - Get a lean, toned dancer's physique. No partner needed. Two-time Dancing with the Stars champion Julianne Hough is ready to share her secret for staying fit: Just Dance. Known for her stylish choreography, sparkling energy and ability to teach anyone to dance, Julianne will lead you through three upbeat routines?no partner needed. You'll kick and you'll shake all the while toning your abs, legs, butt, arms?everything....

Step Up Dance Workout

D008 Dance Fitness Workout DVD - Burn mega calories with STEP UP REVOLUTION DANCE WORKOUT. A super-charged energizing and fun series of four dance workouts featuring moves from the hit movie Step Up Revolution. Learn the moves step by step before putting the entire routine together for an all-out performance to the actual songs from the movie. Once you've got it turn up the volume and shake your hips to Latin Groove and Latin Hip-Hop Fusion and get...

Buff Moms The Early Workout

E008 Prenatal Postnatal Instruction DVD - Prenatal-Postnatal Exercise and Workout DVD - A complete 40-minute pre-natal workout designed to keep Moms-to-Be fit and feeling great. - Jump-start your workout with stretching and core exercises combined with low impact cardio moves and toning routines for a complete workout. - From Jump Start Stretching to Cardio Breeze and Total Body Toning, followed by Re-energizing Floor Work and Flexibility, this...

10 Minute Dance off Fat

D008 Dance Fitness Workout DVD - No time to Exercise? We have the solution for you - the 10 Minute solution. Everyone can find at least ten minutes in their day and we've devleloped five fun dance workouts that are just 10 minutes each. the easy to follow workouts will blast off calories and slim down your entire body. Compact and ultra efficient, you can split these routines into five separate workouts or use the easy programmability function to...

High Step Circuit

E018 Step Aerobics Instruction DVD - Step Aerobics Exercise-Workout Instruction DVD - With Cathe Friedrich. - Includes Cathes High Step Circuit Workout - Beginner-Intermediate and a 10 min. Stability Ball Abs routine. - This 50 to 60 minute fitness conditioning circuit will burn fat and shape and tone your body from head to toe. - Upon completing the warm up, you will go into 6 fitness cycles. - Each fitness cycle consists of the following -...

Befit 30-Day Butt Lift

D008 Dance Fitness Workout DVD - Shape your backside like never before by following this super-effective 30-Day Workout Plan and get the lean, sculpted lower body you've always wanted with six unbeatable butt-shaping workouts featuring fitness experts Alicia Marie and Courtney Prather. In just 30 days, these 10-minute routines will slim, contour, and firm a sexy booty with a unique blend of target-toning strength, cutting-edge cardio, and ballet-...

Cardio Pump Hi-Lo

E001 Aerobics Instruction DVD - Aerobic Fitness and Workout Instruction DVD - This is one of Amys favorites. - If you are ready to move it, weve got your workout right here. - Make some space people...Amy will have you flying around the room like never before. This train of NRG comes through the station without stopping. - Calories are burning at a high rate and then suddenly, a plyometric move is introduced, bringing cardiovascular-anaerobic training...

Kitchen Sink Conditioning

E001 Aerobics Instruction DVD - Aerobic Fitness and Workout Instruction DVD - Former U.S. National Aerobic Champion and recipient of 4 OBOW Awards uses everything but the kitchen sink in this highly imaginative total body workout. - Literally using whatever you can get your hands on; this workout will cook up an endless array of creative and tasty sculpting drills. - 65 mins. (2005) DVD-All-Region -

Double Cardio

E001 Aerobics Instruction DVD - Aerobic Fitness and Workout Instruction DVD - Two complete workouts. - XEROBICS - With Sharon (70 min.) Warm-up (8 min.) This workout is the perfect mix of cross training moves incorporating step, heavy and light weights, sports moves, step moves, core movement drills, and speed drills (52 min.) Core-abs and stretch (10 min.) Sharon is a physical therapist with a Masters Degree in Biomechanics. - BOSU BLAST- with...

Core Fusion Barre Basics

D008 Dance Fitness Workout DVD - A half a million people have transformed their bodies at exhale, the exclusive mind-body spa. Now you can get these same results at home. As creators of Core Fusion, Elisabeth Halfpapp and Fred DeVito are more than just fitness experts: they've been innovators and leaders in the barre technique for over 30 years. Barre Basics for Beginners draws on their extensive knowledge for an incredible toning and strengthening...

10 Minute Butt Lift

D008 Dance Fitness Workout DVD - No time to exercise? We have the solution for you - the 10 Minute Solution. Everyone can find at least ten minutes in their day, and we've developed 5 tush-transforming workouts that are just 10 minutes each. These short sessions work with even the busiest of schedules to firm and shape your backside in all the right ways. Choose a single segment each day, mix and match your favorites to fit your schedule or do all...

Core Rhythms Salsa Blast

D008 Dance Fitness Workout DVD - Introducing CORE RHYTHMS, a Latin Dance exercise program that will speed shrink your waistline and sculpt a lean, sexy body. With Core Rhythms Jaana and Julia get you moving and grooving to HOT Latin music in no time. Now, YOU can go from flab to fab with three simple movements that allow you to reap the benefits of years of training and practicing without all the hard work. Core Rhythms gives you world class cardio...

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D008 Dance Fitness Workout DVD
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