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D004 Break Dance Lessons DVD
Learn to dance at home using instructional videos. Dancing for beginner through advanced, easy to learn popular and classic dance moves for home or club.
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D004 Break Dance Lessons DVD

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D004 Break Dance Lessons DVD

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Cindy Cashdollar Vol 1

M014 Steel Guitar Lessons DVD - Steel Guitar Instructional DVD - This 60 Min. Video is done by Grammy award winner Cindy Cashdollar, who is the steel guitar player for the country band Asleep at The Wheel. - Cindy teaches the basics of Lap and Non-Pedal steel guitar. - DVD-All-Region - Steel Guitar Music Lessons

Disco Sweat

D008 Dance Fitness Workout DVD - Dance Fitness Instruction. Burn that fat away to such disco hits like I Will Survive and Disco Inferno. Let Richard Simmons take you through a low-impact aerobic workout that gets you sweating as well as singing to those favorite disco oldies. 2-color-72 min-NR-fullscreen. This is a lot like Sweat and Shout with Disco music. I was VERY confused when I first tried it. In fact, I was so confused that I didn't even break...

Jazz Saxophone Techniques


Between Tot and Teen

Steven Mitchell (Artist) - Between Tot and Teen - Ballet Dance Class Music - Among all the dance classes I accompany, I very much enjoy playing beginning level ballet classes. The musicality of the children becomes my responsibility; my opportunity to help them develop a musical sense at this age that may continue through their dancing experience. In this project I had a chance to focus on those beginning level classes where appropriate recorded music...

Learning Pedal Steel

M014 Steel Guitar Lessons DVD - Steel Guitar Instructional DVD - Top Nashville session player Bruce Bouton teaches - proper use of the bar, - foot pedals, - knee levers, - volume pedals, - right-hand picking techniques, - scales, chords and harmony lines that give the instrument its distinctive sound. - Level 1. - 90 mins. DVD-All-Region - Steel Guitar Music Lessons

John Sebastian Blues Harmonica

M025 Harmonica Lessons DVD - Harmonica Instructional DVD - One of the most popular harmonica players of our time teaches all the basics in this friendly, jam-along lesson. How to hold the instrument and find the blues notes, then add vibrato, note-bending, wah-wahs, tonguing, rhythm playing, train effects and a variety of great licks and solos that can be used either solo or in a band. - Includes Music. - Level 1. - 80 mins. DVD-All-Region - Harmonica...

Intermediate Bluegrass Bass

M031 Upright Bass Guitar Lessons DVD - Electric Bass - Acoustic Bass Guitar Instructional DVD - Mark Schatz explores rhythmic and tonal variety and more advanced bass technique, including Waltz time, walking, slap bass, syncopations, hammer-ons and pull-offs for bluegrass, rockabilly and novelty tunes. - Level 2-3. - 60 mins. DVD-All-Region - Bass Guitar Music Lessons

Vocal Technique

M017 Vocal Singing Lessons DVD - Vocal Lessons Instructional DVD. Enhance your singing career by learning proper vocal techniques to help prevent injuries and maximize your potential. - Featured exercises will help you gain technical and expressive command of your voice. - Lessons include warm-ups, posture, breathing, tone, maintaining vocal health, and improving stamina, range and sound. - Anne Peckham is a professor of voice at Berklee College...

Michael Manring Bass Guitar

M008 Bass Guitar Lessons - Electric Bass - Acoustic Bass Guitar Instructional DVD - Manring describes the techniques used on his Thonk CD, and demonstrates his approach to performing music in this DVD. - Also covers altered tunings, slap technique with a fretless bass, use of the Ebow, changing tunings, and more. - 52 mins. DVD-All-Region - Bass Guitar Music Lessons

Bluegrass Mandolin Workshop

M011 Mandolin Lessons DVD - Mandolin Instructional DVD - A complete guide for learning players. - This comprehensive, user-friendly mandolin method takes a beginner from bare-bone basics to solidly intermediate material in a single two-hour lesson. - Includes 20 great repertoire tunes. - Includes Music + Tab. - Beginner Level. - 120 mins. DVD-All-Region - Mandolin Music Lessons

Dance Today Flamenco

D002 Ballroom Dance Lessons DVD - Flamenco, with Puela Lunaris - Active Lifestyle Makeover: Full flamenco classes, complete instruction, choreography. A native Spaniard, Flamenco dancer and teacher Puela Lunaris grew up in the ruins of an ancient Moorish castle in Southwestern Spain. Hers was a childhood immersed in the traditional Flamenco culture. A disciple of the legendary Maestro El Farruco, Puela Lunaris is an acclaimed flamenco teacher, performer,...

Lap-Style Dobro Playing

M020 Dobro Lessons DVD - Dobro Instruction DVD - Take a private lesson with Doug Cox. - Theres no better way to start from scratch on this expressive instrument than with this master instructor. - Teaches notes and major chords; common I, IV, V chord progressions in all keys; chucking (back-up playing); tone and damping tips; and easy versions of the songs The Water Is Wide - Worried Man Blues - St. Annes Reel. - Includes a transcription booklet....

Play The 5-String Banjo

M003 Banjo Lessons DVD - Banjo Instruction DVD - Artist Pete Seeger. - With special guest appearance by Doc Watson. - Americas most beloved banjo picker teaches his techniques - up-picking, frailing, whamming, double-thumbing, hammering-on and pulling-off, two-finger and three-finger picking-plus more than a dozen songs. - Produced by Smithsonian-Folkways and Homespun Video. - Includes Tab. - Level 2. - 60 mins. DVD-All-Region - Banjo Music...

100 Lessons in Classical Ballet

100 Lessons in Classical Ballet The Eight-Year Program of Leningrads Vaganova Choreographic School - Vera S. Kostrovitskaya - Dance and Dance Related Books - 100 Lessons will give any ballet teacher, new or seasoned, incredible insight into building technically secure dancers. The book details eight years of lesson plans each building on one another and could either be used to develop ones own syllabus or as a wealth of ideas from which to create...

Anyone Can Play Harmonica

M025 Harmonica Lessons DVD - Harmonica Instructional DVD - Artist Peter Madcat Ruth. - Theres no easier way for people of any age to get started playing popular folk songs and campfire favorites on the harmonica. - Madcat demonstrates the proper way to hold the instrument for good tone, vibrato and wah wah sounds that are typical of good technique. - Includes Music. - Novice Level. - 40 mins. DVD-All-Region - Harmonica Music Lessons

Segovia Classical Guitar

M019 Classical Guitar Lessons DVD - Electric - Acoustic Guitar Instruction DVD - This important tutorial covers the music and technique of Andres Segovia, perhaps the greatest classical guitarist of all time. - Eliot Fisk, a student and friend of Segovias, provides countless insights into the Maestros legacy, teaching transcriptions of the Bach Prelude in D Minor, Canciones Populares and the haunting Estudio Sin Luz. - Level 4. 75 mins. - DVD-All-Region...

Banjo According John Hartford 1

M003 Banjo Lessons DVD - Banjo Instruction DVD - Volume 1 of a 2 DVD set. - The late John Hartford was the extraordinary fiddle and banjo man who danced, played and sang to delighted audiences at festivals and concerts around the nation and the world. - A thoughtful and knowledgeable musician, John imparts a treasure-trove of ideas and techniques, and banjo arrangements to some of his most requested songs, including the classic hit Gentle on My...

Harmonica Power 1

M025 Harmonica Lessons DVD - Harmonica Instructional DVD - This internationally famous harmonica players comprehensive course covers the essentials needed for all styles - Breathing, tonguing, single-note and chordal playing, bending, vibrato, rhythmic patterns and more. - Includes advanced techniques (chord blocking, octave and harmony playing) plus Nortons prescription for harmonica survival. - A wealth of information. - Beginner Level. - 90...

Beginning Bluegrass Banjo

M003 Banjo Lessons DVD - Banjo Instruction DVD - Artist Pete Wernick. - This video is perfect for those who have never touched a banjo before, but want to play the compelling sounds of bluegrass. - Dr. Banjo teaches basic chords, right-hand rolls and great tunes such as - Buffalo Gals ? Mama Dont Low ? Columbus Stockade ? Shady Grove ? Little Maggie ? Lonesome Road Blues ? Roll In My Sweet Babys Arms ? and many others. - Includes Tab. - Level...

Cindy Cashdollar Vol 2

M014 Steel Guitar Lessons DVD - Steel Guitar Instructional DVD - This 60 Min. Video is done by Grammy award winner Cindy Cashdollar, who is the steel guitar player for the country band Asleep at The Wheel. - Cindy teaches the basics of Lap and Non-Pedal steel guitar. - Vol. 2 also studies harmonics, speed and accuracy of note for note playing. - DVD-All-Region - Steel Guitar Music Lessons

Sam Bush Mandolin Method

M011 Mandolin Lessons DVD - Mandolin Instructional DVD - This two-and-a-half hour course covers all aspects of the mandolin style and technique of one of the worlds greatest players. - Sam Bush performs and slows down traditional fiddle tunes and original instrumentals, giving detailed instruction on pick technique, rhythm playing, speed building, warm-up exercises, improvised soloing, equipment and much more. - Includes Music + Tab. - Level 3....

Accordion Styles Techniques

M018 Lessons DVD. Accordion Instructional DVD - Artist Joey Miskulin. - This top Nashville session player teaches and demonstrates important accordion techniques (breathing, phrasing, bellows shakes, vibrato etc.) plus rhythm, fills and leads for a variety of songs and instrumentals. - Anyone interested in Cajun, Tex-Mex, Polka, cowboy or other styles will find this a wonderful and challenging way to delve into the instrument and discover its many...

Irish Button Accordion

M018 Lessons DVD. Accordion Instructional DVD - John Williams is a virtuoso on both concertina and two-row button accordion. - His video teaches basics like holding the accordion, first scales, bass notes, chords, arpeggios, scales in triplets, Waltz rhythm and more, plus five traditional Irish tunes - Oro (Se Do Bheatha Bhaile), Saddle The Pony, Napoleon Crossing The Rhine, Sporting Nellie, and Sally Gardens. - Includes booklet. - Level 1. -...

The Hammer Dulcimer

M022 Dulcimer Lessons DVD - Dulcimer Instruction DVD - Artist John McCutcheon. - This easy-to-follow, comprehensive beginners course on video makes it easy to see the way the hammers are held, where the notes are found, and how to make exciting music almost immediately. - John teaches several tunes and variations and shares tips on tuning, instrument set-up, finding harmonies, and special techniques such as rolls and flams. - Level 1. - 90 mins....

Bluegrass Mandolin

M011 Mandolin Lessons DVD - Mandolin Instructional DVD - Sam Bush details the dominant mandolin styles from Bill Monroe to Newgrass. - He demonstrates powerful techniques while teaching ten classic tunes - Paddy On The Turnpike - Gray Eagle - Sugarfoot Rag - Sapporo - Bill Cheatham - East Virginia Blues - Wayfaring Stranger - Manzanita - Banks Of The Ohio - Sittin On Top Of The World. Includes Music + Tab. - Level 3-4. - 100 mins. DVD-All-Region...

Learning Bluegrass Dobro

M020 Dobro Lessons DVD - Dobro Instruction DVD - Artist Cindy Cashdollar. - This hands-on Dobro course will have even a complete beginner playing bluegrass and country tunes in no time. - Cindy covers essential right-hand techniques such as rolls, rhythm playing, crosspicking, tone control and damping, as well as bar technique, chord building, hammer-ons and pull-offs, minor keys and more. - Includes chords and tab. - Level 1. - 90 mins. DVD-All-Region...

Mandolin and Bouzouki

M011 Mandolin Lessons DVD - Mandolin Instructional DVD - Tim OBriens course will be a boon to mandolin and bouzouki (octave mandolin) players who want to improve their technique, develop ideas and learn new repertoire. - Tim brings his brilliant musicianship to bear as he teaches Celtic, bluegrass and original songs, including - Down in a Willow Garden - The High Road - Lay Down Your Weary Tune - One Girl Cried - More Love - The Kid on the Mountain...

Exotic Dance Workout

D008 Dance Fitness Workout DVD - I'm Lady Morrighan and I love to dance. I started at the awkward age of 15, and although at first it was difficult, I loved it. I didn't care if I looked more like the duck than the swan. I danced with my heart. And then one day it happened... The moves became beautiful. Dance adds color to my life every day. Although it keeps me in excellent shape, I don't dance just to stay fit. Rather, I dance to free myself of...

Play Bluegrass Mandolin 2

M011 Mandolin Lessons DVD - Mandolin Instructional DVD - Artist Butch Baldassari. - Chord positions up and down the neck; soloing; slides; hammer-ons; open chord positions; open-string harmonies; how to increase playing speed; tremolo technique; double-stops; and more. - Songs Bury Me Beneath The Willow - Soldiers Joy - Whiskey Before Breakfast. - 55 minutes - - Includes Music + Tab - - Level 1. - DVD-All-Region - Mandolin Music Lessons

Play the Harmonica One Hour

M025 Harmonica Lessons DVD - Harmonica Instructional DVD - Professional musician and experienced harmonica teacher Bobby Joe Holman gives the clearest and easiest instructions ever for learning the basics of harmonica playing. - How to hold the harmonica, play a melody, use chords to enhance playing, and play folk, country, and blues. - Reading music notation is not required. - Youre just an hour away from playing the harmonica. - 60 mins. DVD-All-Region...

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D004 Break Dance Lessons DVD
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