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D001 Ballet Class Lessons DVD
Learn to dance at home using instructional videos. Dancing for beginner through advanced, easy to learn popular and classic dance moves for home or club.
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D001 Ballet Class Lessons DVD

She would be half a planet away, floating in a turquoise sea, dancing by moonlight to flamenco guitar. -Janet Fitch
D001 Ballet Class Lessons DVD

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Dance Class Jazz Tap Ballet

D016 Kids Childrens Dance Lessons DVD - Kids Childrens Dancing Instruction. Welcome to Christy Curtiss dance classes for kids. Learn along with these other students in the video lessons for tap, jazz, and ballet. Each segment is helpfully repetitive and, unlike a real class, theres always the replay button. Perfect for parents trying to gauge their youngsters interest in dance before making an investment in classes or to those who want to share the...

Technique Class 3 Issaev

Karl Moraski (Performer), Vladimir Issaev (Performer) - Ballet Music for Ballet Masters Ballet Technique Class Vol 3 Vladimir Issaev - Ballet Dance Class Music - Ballet teachers will be inspired with his selections, tempos, introductory and concluding phrases. This CD is perfectly presented for creative clarity in exercises and combinations. 1. Warm up Tendu 2. Plie 3. Battement Tendu 6-8 4. Battement Tendu 2-4 5. Battement Tendu 3-4 6. Jete 7. Jete...

Class Technique Vol 7

Kimbo - Music for Classical Ballet Class Technique Vol 7 - Ballet Dance Class Music - The music on this recording provides the basis for a complete academic ballet class - elementary, intermediate and advanced. The selections are in 32 and 64 bar phrases with repeats. Double length CD. 1. Plies - Concone 2. Battements Pointe Tendus - Chassaaigne 3. Battements Tendus Degages - Nollet 4. Battements Tendus Fondus - Nosov 5. Adagio - Ravina 6. Battements...

Technique Class 4 Issaev

Vladimir Issaev (Artist, Conductor), Marina Yeremeyeva (Performer) - Ballet Music for Ballet Masters Ballet Technique Class Vol 4 Vladimir Issaev - Ballet Dance Class Music - Vladimir Issaev presents a CD for a perfect beginner to intermediate level class. Combinations and tempos are easy to follow played by Russian Pianist Marina Yeremeyeva. The class is based on the Vaganova Ballet Method. Most exercises have 64 counts and all tracks repeat. Perfect...

Basic Ballet 5

Finis Jhung, Scott Killian - Finis Jhung Music for Intermediate Ballet Class Music for the Video Basic Ballet 5 - Ballet Dance Class Music - Finis Jhung is a world renowned Ballet Master. 24 Selections. Floor stretches, 15 barre, 8 center exercises. This CD begins with digitally orchestrated music for floor stretches; all the rest is solo piano music. All the music except for two selections has been written by Scott. Once you've heard this CD, which...

Invitation to Ballet

Invitation to Ballet A Celebration of Dance and Degas - Carolyn Vaughan - Dance and Dance Related Books - In this invitation to ballet, young readers learn all about what happens in ballet class.

Teaching Beginning Ballet

Teaching Beginning Ballet Technique - Gayle Kassing - Dance and Dance Related Books - Teaching a beginning ballet class can be a challenge. Even dancers who have studied ballet for many years may be intimidated by the idea of teaching ballet technique.

Stanford and Evreinoff

Lynn Stanford, Olga Evreinoff - Olga Lynn Stanford and Olga Evreinoff - Ballet Dance Class Music - Music for ballet class with Olga Evreinoff and Lynn Stanford in a wonderful collaboration between these two amazing artists. 34 improvisational melodies with repeated selections. Energetic music full of vitality; some even offer a Russian flair.

Ballet Class II Patience Clements

Patience Clements (Artist, Composer, Performer), Peggy Burks (Conductor) - New Music for Ballet Class II Patience Clements - Ballet Dance Class Music - Music for Ballet Class by accompanist Patience Clements. 34 tracks, 87 minutes. Plenty of tempos for an extensive intermediate class. Easy to follow, with many tendus and degages, three adagios, three petit allegros, two pirouette tracks, many waltzes and a tango. With three grand allegros. A pick...

Roni Mahler

Roni Mahler - Roni Mahler Presents A Ballet Class - Ballet Dance Class Music - This ballet class is ideal for beginner and young adult students and includes fundamental barre work, centre floor and movement patterns accross the floor. Special features include extra-long bands. 1. Plie and Cambre - Gilbert and Sullivan 2. Tendu with Plie - Faure 3. Degage - Buck 4. Rond de Jambe a Terre - Lehar 5. Frappe - Tchaikovsky 6. Grand Battement - Rodgers 7....

New Ballet Music 8

Finis Jhung, Scott Killian - Finis Jhung Scott Killian New Ballet Music 8 A Holiday Celebration - Ballet Dance Class Music - 24 Digitally Orchestrated Compositions for the Ballet Class. 13 barre, 11 center exercises. No repeats. Extra long tracks. What a special surprise this is. You'll want to use it throughout the year, because the orchestrations and rhythms are so perfect for developing musicality and precision. Scott's music is so beautiful and...


Finis Jhung, Scott Killian - Finis Jhung Scott Killian KIDS - Ballet Dance Class Music - Finis Jhung is a world renowned Ballet Master. With over 45 tracks of original music on one CD, this mega-hit collection will ensure that you won't be juggling all of those CD's during class to get the right music. Scott has created an entire world of sound on this CD and tailored the lengths, tempos, and meters to the specific demands of the orchestra, beautiful...


Finis Jhung, Scott Killian - Finis Jhung Scott Killian KIDS 2 - Ballet Dance Class Music - Finis Jhung is a world renowned Ballet Master. Scott Killian's done it again. With a format similar to that used in the popular KIDS. CD, teachers will find it easy to introduce new music into the classroom without having to drastically adjust the existing class structure. Here are 51 new orchestrations which are imaginative and colorful and maintain the necessary...

Inside Ballet Technique

Inside Ballet Technique Separating Anatomical Fact from Fiction in the Ballet Class - Valerie Grieg - Dance and Dance Related Books - A Dance Book Club main selection, this guide offers a general explanation of anatomy, kinesiology, and technique for ballet dancers, students, and teachers.

Music Class 1 Rudy Apffel

Rudy Apffel (Artist, Conductor, Performer) - Music for Ballet Class Vol 1 Rudy Apffel - Ballet Dance Class Music - This is a wonderful set of ballet music by Rudy Apffel. He has accompanied ballet classes for many years (I was lucky enough to have Rudy play for classes I took years ago) and understands the musical needs of a ballet class. But more importantly, he picks inspirational music, played with such feeling, that it helps the best dancer in...

Christmas Dance

Lisa Harris (Composer) - Christmas Dance - Ballet Dance Class Music - Christmas tunes that accompany ballet combinations to cheer up the dark days of December. Lot's of fun, and gives variety to the holidays. Each combination is repeated twice. Love Christmas ballet piano music. My ballet boys love this album and it is what we listen at home when we practice. This CD gets kids into the holiday spirit - they love it. Lots of tempo and meter options...

Michael Roberts Volume 4

Michael Roberts - Music for the Ballet Class Arranged and Played By Michael Roberts Volume 4 - Ballet Dance Class Music - Michael Roberts was born in Sussex, England. He began playing the piano at age four. From 1967 to 1975 Michael was production stage manager for Harold Prince in London's West End. In 1970 he was trained and became a dance accompanist for the Royal Ballet School. In 1975 he moved to Los Angeles where he has since worked as a dance...

Perfect Class 1

Julia Bourlina, Anna Korab - Perfect Class 1 Music for Ballet Class Julia Bourlina and Anna Korab - Ballet Dance Class Music - The Perfect Class CDs each holds more than 74 minutes of lush, inspiring ballet class music, composed and played by Anna Korab on the grand piano, recorded in New York City. Julia Bourlina, (graduate of St. Petersberg, Russia?s Vaganova Academy and 12 years with the Kirov Ballet and Opera Company) has designed extra-long,...

Tuboltsevs Ballet Class 1

Marina Rudneva - Dmitriy Tuboltsevs Ballet Class Music Volume 1 - Ballet Dance Class Music - 65 Unrepeated Tracks was performed on a concert grand piano by Marina Rudneva, an accompanist for the State Academy Bolshoi theater of Russia since 2004. She has also been an accompanist for many ballet schools and professional ballet companies. Music arranged by 19th and 20th century composers with improvisation by Marina. Dmitriy Tuboltsev graduated from...

Class Technique Vol 8

Kimbo - Music for Classical Ballet Class Technique Vol 8 - Ballet Dance Class Music - The music on this recording provides the basis for a complete academic ballet class - elementary, intermediate and advanced. The selections are in 32 and 64 bar phrases with repeats. Double CD. --Disc: 1 1. Plies - Concone 2. Battements Pointe Tendus - Delibes 3. Battements Tendus Degages - Concone 4. Battements Tendus Fondus - Hubleur 5. Ronds de Jambe a Terre -...

Ballet Class Scott Joplin Music

Dennis Buck - A Ballet Class with Scott Joplin Music - Ballet Dance Class Music - This recording contains 20 bands of Scott Joplin music specifically arranged and played for a complete ballet class - Barre, Center Floor Techniques and Variations. Arranger-Pianist: Dennis Buck. I've found this CD to be especially good with begining level ballet classes. It's been one of my favorites. 1. Plies - The Entertainer 2. Battements Tendus - The Easy Winners...

Piano Music Russian Ballet

Dmitri Roudnev (Artist, Conductor), Irina Szypkina - Piano Music from Russian Ballet School for Ballet Class - Ballet Dance Class Music - Dmitri Roudnev Ballet Class Music. High quality recording. Music played by Irina Szypkina former accompanist for the Bolshoi Academy in Moscow. Clear accents and appropriate tempos. Suitable for all levels and pointe work. I have all of Dmitri Roudnev's CDs for ballet class. There are none better, or for that matter,...

Class in the City

Lynn Stanford - Class in the City Lynn Stanford - Ballet Dance Class Music - Lynn Stanford created these 24 solo piano melodies in live recording sessions held in New York City. The two count introductions and the short compositions are perfect for a quick Barre and Center or a Pointe class. Repeated tracks of original solo piano melodies for a complete Barre and Center without vocal instructions are presented in an easy to follow style.

Michael Roberts Original 7

Michael Roberts (Performer) - Michael Roberts Original Music for the Ballet Class Volume 7 - Ballet Dance Class Music - Original music for the ballet class. Composed and played by Michael Roberts. Michael Roberts music is rich, varied and full of feeling. Movement is built intelligently and fully into every phrase. Michael Roberts latest CD is his finest compilation of inspirational ballet music yet. His compositions are wonderfully buoyant and the...

Roudnev Recorded in Russia

Irina Szypkina (Composer, Performer) - Dmitri Roudnev presents Recorded in Russia - Ballet Dance Class Music - Dmitri Roudnev traveled to Russia to direct former Bolshoi Ballet Academy accompanist Irina Szypkina for this recording. This high quality, professional cd showcases Szypkina?s years of experience playing for all levels of student at the Academy. Each selection is composed by Szypkina in the classical ballet style for barre and center work....

Vol 1 Marina Stolyar

Marina Stolyar (Composer, Performer), Vladimir Issaev (Performer) - Ballet Technique Class Vol 1 Marina Stolyar - Ballet Dance Class Music - VLADIMIR ISSAEV Graduated with honors as Ballet Master Choreographer at the prestigious GITIS Institute of Arts in Moscow, having trained in the Vaganova Method by the most important teachers of the former Soviet Union. Previously he graduated as a professional dancer in Voronezh. Later on, he danced at the Odessa...

Character Class

Vladimir Issaev (Artist, Conductor), Yelena Shetinina-Lanskaya (Composer, Performer), Glazounov (Composer) - Character Class - Ballet Dance Class Music - Ballet Master Vladimir Issaev , brings this CD for character dance class, having pianist accompanist Yelena Shetinina-Lanskaya of the Mariinsky Theater Ballet, The Vaganova Ballet Academy and at the Rimsky Korsakoff Conservatory in St. Petersburg, Russia. Character Dance is a subdivision of classical...

Inspired by Broadway

David Stein, Kristine Elliott - Inspired by Broadway - Ballet Dance Class Music - Great arrangements of all your favorite Broadway melodies from shows like Cabaret, The Sound of Music, Fiddler On The Roof and many more. Twenty-seven award winning Broadway classics are contained in this collection of familiar melodies arranged for a complete ballet class. David Stein and Kristine Elliott have collaborated once again to bring you the third act in their...

Lesson Fifteen

Oleg Briansky, Nataliya Pinelis - Lesson Fifteen Oleg Briansky and Nataliya Pinelis - Ballet Dance Class Music - Direct from Russia and the Vaganova Choreographic School, this double length compact disc is made for 'Lesson Fifteen' the sixth lesson of the second year of study found in the book 100 Lessons in Classical Ballet. This collection of original and classical music, without singing or vocal instructions, contains music for both sides at the...

New Ballet Music 13

Finis Jhung, Scott Killian - Finis Jhung Scott Killian New Ballet Music 13 Inspirations - Ballet Dance Class Music - Finis Jhung is a world renowned Ballet Master. 24 Original Orchestrated Barre and Center Exercises. 13 barre, 11 center exercises. Extra long tracks. No repeats. Scott has surpassed himself and made music we never imagined. How does he do it? Where does it come from? As soon as you hear the introduction to each piece, you know that...

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D001 Ballet Class Lessons DVD
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