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D001 Ballet Class Lessons DVD
Learn to dance at home using instructional videos. Dancing for beginner through advanced, easy to learn popular and classic dance moves for home or club.
Knowledge is power. -Francis Bacon
D001 Ballet Class Lessons DVD

If a man doesn't know how to dance he doesn't know how to make love, there I said it! - Craig Ferguson
D001 Ballet Class Lessons DVD

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Finis Technique Meditative Stretching

D001 Ballet Class Lessons DVD - Finis Jhung is a world renowned Ballet Master. This video records me at age 75. Each day finds me quietly waging my own personal battle against aging. I can't let a day go by without doing my own personal regime of stretches. When I don't do my daily exercises, my body complains with pain. In this video I will show you the exercises I have found to be most helpful in keeping my arthritic hip functioning pain-free and...

Finis Technique Stretch Turn-out Extension

D001 Ballet Class Lessons DVD - In this new video, Finis Jhung has created 17 exercises especially designed to show you how to stretch safely and correctly so that you will strengthen and improve your turnout and extension. Finis shows and explains each exercise step-by-step, and then it is demonstrated by Isabella Boylston of The American Ballet Theater. The floor exercises are done both sitting up as well as lying down, which allows you to stretch...

Barrework For Advanced Beginners

D001 Ballet Class Lessons DVD - Ballet Dancing Instruction. As Finis Jhung often says in class, you either stand up, or you fall. You either balance, or you don't. It all comes from the way you do your barrework. As you do this carefully constructed and minutely detailed barre, Finis frequently asks Kelley Waddell of The American Ballet Theatre (and you) to see if she can continue doing an exercise with her hand off the barre. Sometimes, he asks her...

Finis Technique Ten-Minute Break

D001 Ballet Class Lessons DVD - Finis Jhung is a world renowned Ballet Master. It's a fact of life: you've got to keep moving. If you don't use it, you lose it. And, it's been proven that people who exercise their bodies and minds daily feel better, look better, and age better. Awaken your body and refresh your mind with these short bouts of ballet. Choose from four different ten-minute breaks, each with four ballet exercises choreographed by Finis...

Finis Technique Center Floor

D001 Ballet Class Lessons DVD - Finis Jhung is a world renowned Ballet Master. This new ballet warm-up was inspired by the boys of BILLY ELLIOT: THE MUSICAL on Broadway. To get these extraordinarily talented youngsters warmed up and ready to turn and jump within a 1-hour class, Finis had them work off the barre, standing in center floor in front of the mirrors. When you are unable to hold on to a barre, you quickly learn to place yourself and engage...

Finis Technique Classic Classes 2

D001 Ballet Class Lessons DVD - Finis Jhung is a world renowned Ballet Master. Finis gives this exhilarating turning class to Michele Wiles, here a teen-aged Gold Medalist at Varna and today a Principal Dancer of The American Ballet Theatre. You'll see how Michele got the Gold as she breezes through Finis's choreographed combinations which cover space and progress from adagio to grand allegro and are loaded with turning movements including multiple...

Dance Class III

Antoinette Peloso (Artist), Michael Cherry (Piano) - Dance Class III Music for Barre and Centre - Ballet Dance Class Music - We welcome Michael Cherry to our line-up of artists on dance class music CDs. On this compact disc titled Dance Class III, he has chosen many outstanding compositions that really fill out the ballet class. Many of the classics are represented here all played in a clear and easy to follow style. Antoinette Peloso has arranged...

Finis Technique Thinking Dancer 8

D001 Ballet Class Lessons DVD - Finis Jhung is a world renowned Ballet Master. Take it, teach it, or simply watch it-viewers say this video is mesmerizing. It's the barre to end all barres. In detail, Finis answers all the questions teachers and students has asked for years: what is the dancer's relationship with the barre; what are the exercises supposed to accomplish; what muscles do you use and when; how do you breathe; what about pull-up; how...

Finis Technique Centerwork

D001 Ballet Class Lessons DVD - Even first-time beginners can do more than simply stand in one spot and repeat various positions. Have fun with Finis Jhung and a professional dancer as you perfect your posture, placement, alignment, and balance. Learn to cover space while you move from one foot to the other, forward and sideways, with the tombe, temps lie, pique and passe par terre. Practice the most frequently used diagonal body positions and correct...

Ballet Class Victor Kabaniaev

D001 Ballet Class Lessons DVD - Ballet Dancing Instruction. Ballet Class Victor Kabaniaev A complete 60min ballet class workout beg-adv levels. Russian Vaganova school techniques. Beautiful music and talent of one of the best Russian ballet master will lead you through the perfect routine that will help you to achieve your goals. Easy to follow workout, similar to a real ballet class flow (no interruptions or pauses). Viktor Kabaniaev was trained...

Art of Pointework 5

D001 Ballet Class Lessons DVD - Ballet Dancing Instruction. Finis shows and explains each exercise, 15-year-old Saige demonstrates on both sides, Finis comments and analyzes, and then Saige repeats the exercise. This video is all about the preparations that create the results. Watch how Saige turns her plie and rolls through her feet. As she starts dancing across the floor, notice how Saige places and works her plie and pushes with her feet, which...

Art of Pointework 3

D001 Ballet Class Lessons DVD - Ballet Dancing Instruction. This revolutionary new video shows Michele Wiles, the critically acclaimed soloist of The American Ballet Theatre, in real time and slow motion. Each carefully planned exercise is first taught by Finis, then performed by Michele, analyzed in slow motion with detailed commentary by Finis, and repeated in real time. Exercises on this video: 1. Walking in pointe shoes; 2. Running in pointe shoes;...

Modern Melodies

David Plumpton - Modern Melodies Inspirational Ballet Class Music - Ballet Dance Class Music - Modern Melodies for Ballet Class is the first in a series of CDs by David Plumpton for ballet class. Instead of repeated tracks several melodies for each exercise are offered in this large selection of music. On this title David has compiled one of the most unique and diverse selections of familiar music available for ballet class. Somehow he has managed...

My First Pointe Shoes

D001 Ballet Class Lessons DVD - Ballet Dancing Instruction. Michelle Benash presents thoughtful and intelligent exercises for beginning Pointe students. Her delightful and well thought out regime is a must for teachers and students who care about the healthy development of Pointe work. --Kirk Peterson, Ballet Master, American Ballet Theatre. This video offers an introduction to many aspects of dancing en pointe and is intended to supplement a full...

Finis Technique Power Barre

D001 Ballet Class Lessons DVD - As you do these exercises on a portable barre in front of the mirror you will be encouraged to use the barre by pressing down on it with your hands. This will energize your shoulders and supporting arm, strengthen your posture, and help you to balance the movement of your legs and feet in center floor. You will also be instructed to keep your head turned toward yourself in the mirror so that you check your placement,...

Classics for Ballet Class

Henry Berg - Ballet Classics for Ballet Class Henry Berg and Nina Pinzarrone - Ballet Dance Class Music - This CD for the beginning ballet dancer is designed for the first years of study. The many allegros, waltzes, mazurkas and gallops are perfect for the very young dancer. Each selection is played in a very controlled style to keep the class under control and listening to the music. Designed for a complete beginning ballet class by Henry Berg director...

Art of Pointework 1

D001 Ballet Class Lessons DVD - Ballet Dancing Instruction. Judy Weiss, or The Queen of Toe Shoes as she is affectionately referred to by reigning New York ballerinas, tells you all about the construction of the pointe shoe and how to find the shoe for you. Ashlee Knapp, now dancing with The New York City Ballet, shows you special foot and ankle strengthening exercises, how to correctly prepare your shoe and foot, and how to tie your ribbons. Running...

New Ballet Music 5

Finis Jhung, Scott Killian - Finis Jhung Scott Killian New Ballet Music 5 Ballet Today - Ballet Dance Class Music - 25 Digitally Orchestrated Compositions for the Ballet Class. 13 barre, 12 center exercises. No repeats. Extra long tracks. This is one of the most useful CDs you could ever have. The ethnic diversity, energy, and rhythmic range in this CD are simply astounding. If you teach young students, they'll think they're taking a trip around the...

Alma Adagios Ballet Class

Lisa Harris (Composer) - Alma Classic Choices Adagios for Ballet Class - Ballet Dance Class Music - A wide variety of adagio's from famous ballet's, popular songs, and famous classical songs. Preparations before the songs begin for ballet class usage. Lisa Harris is an accomplished pianist who has played for ballet companies in New York, Seattle, Madrid, Monte Carlo, London, Hamburg, and Buenos Aires.

More Lynn Stanford

Lynn Stanford (Artist) - More Lynn Stanford Music for Ballet Class - Ballet Dance Class Music - A single length compact disc with 20 unrepeated solo piano melodies for a complete ballet class. A unique collection of original music without singing or vocal instructions. Revolutionized the entire aspect of music for ballet class. Twenty extra-long unrepeated bands capture Lynn's most creative improvisational melodies. Cover notes suggest uses for each...

Art of Pointework 4

D001 Ballet Class Lessons DVD - Ballet Dancing Instruction. Reviewing Michele's debut as the ballerina in Balanchine's Theme and Variations at The Metropolitan Opera House in New York City, Jennifer Dunning of the New York Times said Ms. Wiles tore through the demanding ballet like a colt, newly released and running free. . . her big open torso and appetite for space were a pleasure. This DVD shows you the secrets. You'll be amazed when you see what...

For Starters Music

John Parkinson - For Starters Music for Beginning Ballet Class - Ballet Dance Class Music - For Starters' is just what the title says. All the music on this CD is perfect for training very young dancers. Each melody is easy to follow and the beat is always there. This single disc of original music is arranged by John Parkinson for a simple ballet class, but the music is perfect for short improvisational dances, too. At the end of the class, there...

Finis Technique Male Dancer

D001 Ballet Class Lessons DVD - Finis Jhung is a world renowned Ballet Master. Get ready for a jaw-dropping, eye-popping experience as you watch Gold-Silver-Bronze Medalist Joseph Michael Gatti perform the variations from Black Swan and Le Corsaire and then show How It's Done with Finis Jhung. Here is a thrilling display of the male bravura technique - all the virtuoso steps that stop the show and make audiences stand and cheer. Joe's ability to turn...

Inspirational Class Music

David Plumpton - New Classics Inspirational Ballet Class Music - Ballet Dance Class Music - New Classics is an inspirational combination of melodies for ballet class. This is the third in a series of CDs by David Plumpton and it is a straightforward recording with a very clear sound. It does not contain repeated tracks or multiple tracks for one exercise. A big selection of melodies from Bizet to Copland combined with a few original compositions create...

Music from Minkus

Ludwig Minkus-Schultz (Composer), pianist Douglas Schultz (Performer) - Ballet Class Music from New York City Music from Minkus - Ballet Dance Class Music - Music from Minkus Ludwig Minkus was the composer of such beloved ballets as Don Quixote, La Bayadere, and Paquita. His music is light and dancey and very likable: a natural for ballet class. Many of the variations and dances included here are New York City classroom classics. Minkus? splendid...

Barrework Level 3

D001 Ballet Class Lessons DVD - Ballet Dancing Instruction. Finis Jhung and Glenn Keenan of The New York City Ballet take you to Level 3 with barre exercises that expand your range of movement and balance as you work from one standing leg to the other. Certain exercises are timed to quicken the working leg and foot, while demanding stability on the supporting side of your body, as well as your standing leg and foot. Attention is paid to the use of...

Company Class

Lisa Harris - Company Class Lisa Harris - Ballet Dance Class Music - This new addition to the Lisa Harris collection of CD's for ballet class offers her usual sensitive playing and easy to follow style that is perfect for dance class. What a great selection of familiar melodies that will have you humming them even after the class is over. Lots of old Beatles and Elvis tunes will take you back to an era of great music. Most exercises have two or three...

Turns Leaps and Bounds

D001 Ballet Class Lessons DVD - Ballet Dancing Instruction. International master teacher, David Howard celebrated his 40th year of teaching in America in 2006. Born and educated in England, Mr. Howard was trained at the Cone-Ripman School, now the Arts Educational School in London. He completed the RAD Syllabus and at age 16 was awarded the Adeline Genee Medal, the highest honor a British dance student can receive. Mr. Howards classes became the...

Centerwork Level 3

D001 Ballet Class Lessons DVD - Ballet Dancing Instruction. This center class opens up a whole new world of movement. Finis Jhung shows each exercise, Glenn Keenan of The New York City Ballet does it, Finis analyzes and coaches, and Glenn repeats. Exercises on this video: 1. Tendu plie, pas de bourree dessous, passe en arriare, port de bras; 2. Pas de bourree dessus, dessous, tendu, fondu arabesque, pas de bourree en avant; 3. Fondu derriere, pas...

Intermediate Centerwork Jumps

D001 Ballet Class Lessons DVD - Ballet Dancing Instruction. Finis Jhung is a world renowned Ballet Master. Finis teaches you how to execute connecting movements, or linking steps, such as the glissade and pas de bourree, so that they become preparations for the little jumps - petit allegro - that are a highpoint of every class. Finis shows each exercise, step-by-step, count-by-count, and then Saige does it. Finis then analyzes and corrects, and Saige...

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D001 Ballet Class Lessons DVD
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